1. I think more like multi episode guest star

  2. Jack Black putting in a voice acting performance for the ages followed by Chris Pratt basically just showing up

  3. I wish Hollywood would stop giving him voice roles, there’s tonnes of great voice actors out there

  4. I am not playing sandwich simulator 2022

  5. How much money did the sales rep bring in compared to you?

  6. Considering their job is to driver round and give biscuits to customers, with a company car, company credit card, better hours and at least 10 grand higher salary than me, and mine is to order stock, set prices and manage all the sites IT, it's not 8x as much...

  7. You also don't see the late nights, getting home late from a sales call after getting stuck in traffic.

  8. As long as the pot is food safe, this is OK

  9. "We'll be dead in 5 years but decided to make terrible decisions on behalf of the younger generations who dont want it."

  10. The rhinos from James and the Giant Peach

  11. A less known one but Lip Service, they spend the first season setting up this couple and resolving their history and issues, then in season 2 they just kill one of them off without reason, pissed me off enough to not finish the show

  12. Hereos was awesome till the tv writers went on strike. The writing after was never the same.

  13. The strike made it worse but it was on the down swing as soon as season 2 started. It was supposed to be an anthology thing with monstly different groups of heroes each season with a few recurring characters, but when it got super successful they decided to keep with the season 1 characters and didnt really know what to do with them.

  14. Because when i get sad at 2am, I’m gonna put something in my mouth

  15. Seemingly intelligent man can’t stop licking boots.

  16. A lot of intelligent people are dumb as shit

  17. Elon’s about to hire a PI to see if he can call that guy a Pedo

  18. I think the bit i dont like is that i can see a little bit of Chris Pratt in the face

  19. I've tried a bunch of stands like this, but none of them can manage the weight of the big ipad pro in use without serious wobbling. I'd like to see how this holds up

  20. I think of Daemon more as chaotic neutral, he's in it for the drama

  21. Wait, is that the same dagger arya offed the night king?

  22. Yes. Once upon a time GRRM said he regrets giving the lowly assassin a valyrian steel dagger, now that same dagger is the key to the song of ice and fire

  23. We mixed all these paints together and got clear paint because of the cultures

  24. Casting and acting opinions aside, I completely LOVE how respectful most people are being of their pronouns in this comment section.

  25. Much more respectful than most other places online about NB people

  26. Otto Hightower is back and hand of the king again, so some time must have passed, at least for him to get from Oldtown

  27. House of the dragon is biased towards the Dragon, not a surprise

  28. Just Gondor and Arnor; but the Haradrim and Easterlings were subjugated by Gondor under his rule. I don't remember whether they had to pay tribute, but I think they had to pledge not to attack Gondor in the future, something of that sort.

  29. Peeing at the pub urinal (trough style) and 2 big big bald guys come up and stand either side of me. They start their business and i keep looking straight ahead as per. they both turn to me, one says "that's a nice head of hair there" and the other agrees "i'd like to have hair like that" and they both chuckle. I finished and got out of there asap.

  30. Westworld, Industry, The Sandman, Mo, Outer Range, The Terminal List, As We See It, Shining Girls, Surface, The Man Who Fell To Earth, City on a Hill, P-Valley, Becoming Elizabeth, and Billy the Kid.

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