1. Ladies…. Is this attractive? This seems like the direct opposite of attractiveness to me, but I’m a straight male so I’m willing to be proven wrong.

  2. Then what are they doing it for? To shorten their life by 40 years?

  3. It's a competition. He competes in the Mr. O. That's why he does it

  4. I'm from Maine and I assure you any large winter storm we get is called a nor'easter. Usually 2-3 per winter.

  5. I’ve always been a post hardcore/ metalcore addict but my taste has been getting harder lately. Really into demolisher by slaughter to prevail. Awesome song. Got into it cause I saw a video of the vocalist screaming the title with no mic at a concert, shit was metal as fuck. Songs really hard

  6. Absolutely one of my favorite albums from last year. Been following the vocalist om YouTube since college. He's one of the best at the moment.

  7. My roommate purchased a board from LY website at the end of April I believe. I think it took about 2 weeks to receive a tracking number but that was after he reached out to them to ask about it. Overall it took about 3.5 weeks to receive his board.

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