1. I can't wait until someone does a show with the same music, but different light shows, and the cars placed in a pattern to make it really choreographed.

  2. Yes kinda, may not get new features but it will be shifted to use the FSD stack.

  3. Perhaps you have a seat occupancy sensor issue?

  4. Here's a post I made about some of the symptoms

  5. I like to use the button to stop the car from changing lanes on long stretches of highways and basically just drive(?) via the stalk.

  6. There's a new button on 11.3 to minimize lane changes for a given trip.

  7. That worked, thanks! Don’t know why I didn’t try that before

  8. You may also want to remove the old phone key from the vehicle Keys menu if it's still there

  9. It does make some odd noises when reversing to alert people. If it makes them in drive then that is a problem.

  10. It's mandated - at least in the US - to make noise both in reverse and drive.

  11. That complete stop and slow creeping at empty intersections in AiDriver's video will make me never use this in my neighborhood! This is going to piss off every driver behind it and throw off the timing when other cars are expecting it to go because it arrived to the intersection first but takes so long to stop, it will expect someone who got to the intersection later, to go first.

  12. The slow creeping is only because there's no indication to the vehicle that it's an all way stop.

  13. Why don't they use the front camera to recognize the other 3 stop signs? That's how humans figure it out.

  14. There's a couple of possible reasons, the simplest being that Tesla hasn't (yet) programmed that in yet. Regardless of if it's programmed in, I'm sure the vehicle struggles with seeing and identifying unmarked all way stops just like humans.

  15. Interesting. So it turns out Reddit Sync (Android) doesn't have an active link with your post, just the image gallery. I'm able to click on the link in the web browser.

  16. You can download it for free here if you’re looking for some nostalgia:

  17. There's actually a discord community still keeping this game alive including arranging multiplayer sessions!

  18. Sorry you’re dealing with this. Hopefully Tesla warranties this repair. Maybe it’s something other than the battery leading to the same error.

  19. From my recollection of the previous threads, there was definitely some serious ganging up on OP in the first thread (arguably deserved), but less so in the second thread. That's not too say OP didn't get downvoted heavily in the second thread as well.

  20. But why would that make you mash your foot down on the same pedal that you're currently using to make the car go? I feel like it would be more likely for someone to accidentally choose the wrong pedal if they aren't actively using one.

  21. Correction: ...mash your foot on the pedal you're currently using to make the car stop

  22. Glass half full I guess... I see it as using the pedal to make the car go farther than it would otherwise go.

  23. I thought we were talking practically here.

  24. I still love it but something about those wheels doesnt do it for me. Are they too small or something?

  25. The suspension is all the way up making things look a bit off

  26. According to the document, NHTSA identified the problem and requested Tesla file a recall. Is it voluntary? Yes. Was it Tesla’s idea? No.

  27. The document even says that Tesla is issuing the recall despite not concurring with the NHTSA.

  28. Good if they can't guarantee software on public roads regulators better neuter it ASAP

  29. That's not even what's happening here. The NHTSA is neutering it for intentionally breaking the law when deemed reasonable, not for the risks inherent in buggy beta software.

  30. The big lie here is that the recall is to remove features intentionally built into FSD because the NHTSA dislikes them. Unlike the way this is being represented, it's not a fix for dangerous bugs being discovered in the beta.

  31. “Tesla will be issuing a free over the air update that will not inconvenience owners as new BETA software doesn’t work perfectly”

  32. Also, if you read the actual recall you'd see that these weren't bugs in the beta that could cause an accident but rather features programmed into the beta - likely to mimic human behavior and perhaps decrease the risk of accident - that could under extreme circumstances increase the risk of accident, and the NHTSA is demanding these features be recalled.

  33. Oncoming vehicles are more likely to cause phantom braking TACC as the vehicle is not in control of the steering.

  34. Same here, Android discord app with notifications enabled, and yet...

  35. Completely reinstalling it worked for me. Not sure why since I was already on the latest version but hey. If it works it works I guess.

  36. It just randomly started working for me again

  37. Until then only vehicles in production have the vent feature disabled

  38. Oh, I see. From posts/comments, I thought some had the feature and then lost it.

  39. Yeah, there's lots of misinformation/miscommunication about this recall going around, but Tesla is pretty clear about only applying the "fix" to vehicles that have been delivered since the recall.

  40. On this topic, does tapping the preconditioning message just remove the message or also disable preconditioning?

  41. Perhaps related to the settings of one vehicle overriding/corrupting the settings from the other

  42. I replaced my arms a month after delivery date.

  43. Super unlikely that OP did 10000 miles in 90 days so he's SOL on claiming the extended warranty.

  44. That's apparently only enabled if the app request background location access. See

  45. Will this generate one file or multiple files?

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