I just brought Bronze in the Olympics of magic home to Columbus. AMA.

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Guy takes 1300 horsepower car on public streets knowing the throttle (gas) sticks, then rides the brakes the entire time to compensate until they fail and he crashes (bonus idiot points for not wearing the full seatbelts in a 1300hp car) [Language Warning]

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  1. Maybe a pair of Balloons from the State fair?

  2. He's a magician, not and alchemist.

  3. I had the same thing happen when I was 21. I was working at a summer camp, got horrible strep throat, and was given really big pills to swallow. Unfortunately, the strep got into my tonsils, and I couldn't swallow the pills, so the strep got worse and worse until I ended up in the hospital to have my tonsils removed (over 4th of July weekend, and I was placed in the pediatrics floor even though I was an adult).

  4. [Creative Market] used to send out a weekly email with a bunch of free stuff, including graphics and fonts. The trick I use is to ONLY download fonts and graphics that can be used in commercial products. That way, you wont fall in love with a font that can't be used in the final product.

  5. Had a similar thing happen to my brother when we were at a restaurant. He was drinking ice water from a mug, and the waiter came over and poured more ice water into the mug from a metal pitcher, and tapped the edge of the mug. 10-20 seconds later, as I am watching, the mug split vertically and dumped water all over the table.

  6. Thanks. I'll look into those. I'd heard of screentop but I couldn't really find a good tutorial.

  7. Nice job! Those cards look great!

  8. I think the Game Crafter has transparent cards now.

  9. Sea Dog Game Studios (booth 2715) website is

  10. Yeah. The mechanics worked as I expected. I'm going to a local designer meetup today, and I'm hoping to test it with other people.

  11. The basic idea is that players play cards from their hand to collectively steer a ship and collect cards. Players will have secret goals of trying to gather certain card sets.

  12. Sounds like my kind of game, is there anywhere I can follow the development?

  13. Thanks! Have you had any issues with Relive? I looked at it in the Google Play store, and some of the reviews are not good.

  14. I'm gonna show this picture next time someone asks me about my sexual orientation.

  15. Straight, but with a little wiggle at the end?

  16. I can spin dice pretty well, all the way down to the d4. I used to be able to get a standard rpg dice set (d20, d12, d10x2, d8, d6 and d4) spinning at the same time (although the d4 only spun for a second or so).

  17. I was recently rearended and I'm surprised at how massive the impact was considering the low speed. I had my head turned talking to the passager when it happened and my neck twisted something fierce.

  18. About 12-15 years ago, my wife, son, and I were in a similar accident. Two cars ahead of us, someone swerved on a dark road to avoid a dog, the car ahead of us came to a stop, and I hard braked and stopped a few feet behind them (I did not hit them). Behind me, one car swerved off the road to avoid the potential accident. another car stopped without hitting me...and the last car in the stack was "looking at her radio" and plowed into all of us at about 45-50mph.

  19. When I was pretty young, I tried tasting root beer flavor oil (it's used to make hard candy). I'll never do that again. Smells great, but felt like it was burning a hole in my tongue.

  20. I went to high school in Detroit and some deranged loner called in a bomb threat one day and they shut the school down and sent us all home that day. Unfortunately that response garnered a lot of attention from shitbag kids that just wanted to take the day off, so we started getting one every few weeks, and after a few months every other day until the school started ignoring them.

  21. We had a similar issue at my high school back in the 80s. Finally, the school announced they had installed a " 1 second trace" (this was way before caller id). Funny enough, the bomb threats stopped.

  22. I live in Cherry Creek. It just came back on. Was out for an hour.

  23. Good to hear. My wife just texted me that it was back on.

  24. And AEPs reporting system is down.

  25. My wife just texted that power is out in Cherry Creek, and AEPs reporting system is down.

  26. Buy some books on game design as a starting point.

  27. Joe Slack's books are also very good.

  28. What do you like about em? Are they as good as kobolds? I might need to get my hands on em!

  29. I have "The Board Game Designer's Guide to Getting Published", and I though the book was pretty detailed and well laid out.

  30. Power went out near campus (Olentangy road north of Lane) at about 4:15pm this afternoon. I left the area around 4:30, and the power was still out, and the traffic lights were down until I got closer to 315.

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