Elon Musk scraps Twitter’s work from home policy

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  1. Knew this was coming. Such an idiotic move by whatever social media admin decided they wanted to virtue signal to appease the woke mob. We have no business ruffling features in other countries domestic affairs with all the issues we have within our own country and government.

  2. I think it's more the way labor in general is treated in western economies. In the US we're seeing companies with record profits well above inflation and many workers still only make $7.25 an hour.

  3. Do you know who you is on the city council? Start beating down their door and tell them you want more cops out doing real police work and not being reactive and hassling the wrong people.

  4. Kincannon doesn’t want cops doing their job. that’s the problem.

  5. tell them you want more cops out doing real police work and not being reactive and hassling the wrong people.

  6. I don't get how Arkansas fan is not understanding their coach shouldn't go ham on some loser fan. One is a leader paid millions of dollars a year the other paid for ticket.

  7. https://youtu.be/ivhMDkDgUek

  8. Man, the big 12 going to be deep since this is going to be a last place in the big 12 type team.

  9. Treat them with the same respect alito treats draft opinions.

  10. I know it's a bit extreme, because you can never render a cannon firing safe in a stadium of all places practicing following standard firearms safety practices, but I think a similar standard could still apply here. I know it's a blank, but the concussive force still can't be good for hearing.

  11. Good news, the HOA has decided to withdraw alcohol posession at your house. Thanks for your compliance.

  12. What's your background in managing a restaurant's P&L?

  13. The almost getting hit is another story we need.

  14. Tang was obviously looking to work on some things the second half rather than just let Johnson and Quis do their things. Unfortunately, our bigs, particularly Iyiola and N'Guessan, didn't respond. Again, it makes me doubt we can afford to redshirt Colbert.

  15. I'm cool red shirting people who will be valuable. This season was going to be rough with the way Bruce's guys quit in droves. This season for me was more about seeing how well Tang develops anyone who comes in and makes a team of transfers gel.

  16. Y'all understand that "Sevierville" is the address you get in the county right?

  17. I lived there for over 30 years. There's no way OP was an hour away from Wal-Mart or near other houses if they were in Sevierville.

  18. Did you read my post? My house is "Sevierville" in the county and it can easily take an hour if you stick to the main roads getting into town during spring break. A tourist isn't going to know they're in Sevierville proper/city limits or Sevierville mailing address, only what address their ArBnB uses.

  19. Just a shame there is no evidence to prosecute him....../sdny things

  20. I see this more of a culture signing than a soccer signing. Dude is heavily involved in the community and sporting’s charity network, and I assume a generally positive locker room presence. If we signed him on a cheap deal as a winger depth, it’s not all bad. If he starts though, we riot.

  21. You know who else was a great guy for the community and locker room: Ilie. And he didn't blow donkey balls on the field.

  22. Performance difference on the field is an even bigger gap. The point I was responding to is keeping a player because of their locker room and intangible impacts. I'd rather keep a more expensive player who is productive with intangibles than a player who is a deficit on the field.

  23. Already mentioned, remove the valve core.

  24. our goal wasn’t afghanistan or the taliban, it was the elimination of al qaeda. osama bin laden and ayman al zawahiri are dead, we finished our mission and left. we gave the afghans the option to get rid of the taliban and they explicitly chose not to. that’s on them

  25. To your edit, I think some might feel it discounted the very real failure of the US to maintain it's objectives as mission target. I'm sure many responses lacked nuance. I agree with the concerns about Afghanistan security forces total inability to stand up after the US left and the women of Afghanistan have done more advocating for western rights than their security forces did.

  26. Yes and no. It's well documented how the mission crept for the US and how there was a massive failure from president down to the poor guys on the ground.

  27. Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Samuel Alito said they would have sided with Ward.

  28. Accord, crosstour, Civic, pilot... anything in the 10-15 range

  29. Certainly sounded like a last in the big 12 type team. /s

  30. Almost blew a 20 point lead but I chalk it up to growing pains. Plus we didn’t lay down and held on for the win!

  31. For a team that hasn't played with each other much, to go on the road, in a pretty good sounding environment on the radio and not totally collapsing, it's pretty damn good.

  32. "On a trip to New York City in 2008, Harrington carried a gun that was licensed in Tennessee. Because New York does not recognize permits from other states, she was convicted of a gun possession charge." Playing stupid games?

  33. Yes, as a firearm owners you must be aware of all laws relevant to carrying your firearm in any jurisdiction you are in.

  34. No one, just pointing out how the site works. Could you imagine if everyone replied to posts every time they wanted to remember it?

  35. Yeah the best way to save useless posts on Reddit it to police this and not every thread on next fucking level, aww, or interesting as fuck.

  36. He heard Amazon lost a Trillion Dollars and Facebook is rapidly approaching that and wanted to show that he had more money to lose.

  37. The sad thing is they aren't losing that money by building dog pounds, free care clinics, and early childhood development centers. Imagine how awesome America could be if billionaires got in that pissing contest.

  38. That did not feel like a last place in the big 12 team

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