1. Any thoughts on time signature? I feel like that back half has some 11/8 happening?..

  2. I just had an NA corona last night with a lime and it was just wonderful.

  3. I did the same-- I hate end-users/stakeholders/clients, wanted better pay, and was sick of low-level analytics requests. Now in my second startup as a data engineer, I will tell you that I still do a lot of the ad-hoc analytics bullshit (all of it tbh) because we are super immature in terms of analytics and i'm seeing this as a pretty consistent trend in early stage startups...

  4. Yes! Let me update it and make it into a pdf or something and then I can share. Will try to post in the next few days.

  5. Hey everyone, I have a redacted version of a recent take home assessment ready to share for anyone who's interested, just send me a DM (idk how to add a file here...)

  6. Oh wow, that would be awesome! I've read a few books on DM but struggle to find some real interview questions to practice with.

  7. So far that has been it. Dbt always comes up but it hasn’t been a part of the technical screen.

  8. Had ours on a Friday, saved so much money. We didn't do dinner just drinks and desserts and it worked like a charm.

  9. I think weed can be a very helpful treatment for those of us* with ADHD (and unmedicated), but obviously it comes with its own risks and consequences. Some helpful context here:

  10. Bro. We have adhd. How am I supposed to watch that whole thing

  11. Lol! It’s a clip of the bigger thing which is like 2 hours. I feel you though.

  12. Currently taking 300mg XR and 30mg Lexapro... I feel very numb except for when I feel deeply depressed for days at a time. Super fun way to live.

  13. Wow had no idea the sweats was a thing until this thread. I’ve been having them off and on lately and have been on a t break for a few weeks.

  14. Oh yeah you're right in the sweet spot for sweats. Especially at night. Keep up the good work!

  15. The sweats have subsided a bit, now I'm very depressed and anxious... is this also to be expected? :joy:

  16. Abilify. Was manic for the better part of a year and don't remember much of it.

  17. I’ve never taken adderall but 300mg of Wellbutrin has been a pretty mild improvement for me. Just a little more focused, I wouldn’t say I’m more high energy or stimulated at all.

  18. Agreed. I was on Adderrall for awhile and switched to Wellbutrin and it has been marginally helpful. Definitely better than nothing though…

  19. So sorry dude, keep your eyes on that little dude and keep your head up.

  20. Def should be making the same or more in that role no doubt. Esp bc you are moving internally. Shame on them trying to push you around like that.

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