1. You definitely look warm to me! There is glow to you that makes me think of the Spring family. I imagine that brighter colours would suit you better than muted ones.

  2. Having somebody to talk about and share fashion advice with certainly plays a part in my interest in the system. Also, I've enjoyed getting to know people as well as their style journeys. Seeing others glow in their well-crafted outfits is so heartening to me.

  3. What do you do with makeup and clothing details? Most sources say yin type needs lots of light, shimmer and shiny finishes but deep autumns should be deep, opaque and matte

  4. I am a DA TR. I do go for shimmery and shiny. Try out the shiny metallics, IMO gorgeous on Autumns.

  5. I am curious, were these comments from users who actually post on the sub? Or male creepy lurkers 😂. In general when someone says to dress sexier I just assume they are men who don't seem to realise that dressing up isn't necessarily about sexiness, or that dressing sexily is quite impractical. Either way sounds silly 🤡

  6. Right! Petite, meaning needing to accommodate visible shortness of torso and overall frame. I agree, some gamines are narrow (those that have that dramatic yang sharpness with yin size), but some are more characterized as a kind of “boyishness”, or strength, stockiness, blunt angularity (which is that natural yang) to their frame. Halle Berry is a kibbe verified example. She is petite, but she doesn’t look bird boned delicate. She looks strong, thick at the thigh, wide at the shoulder (in her own proportions, not in comparison to others).

  7. Petite is short and small all over so in other words, narrow. I think the strength to Gamines you mention is the sharpness they have and the appearing wideish thing, due to being compact but they don't actually accommodate width. Halle has defined shoulders but otherwise looks small and narrow to me

  8. Okay. She looks “narrow” to you. That’s entirely subjective. Lol 😂

  9. I wasn't trying to be mean to you with my first response. I often see people act like TR is the only petite id, forgetting that Gamines are also within that group which is confusing to me because in reveals, David speaks of them being tiny and the book describes them as such as well.

  10. SG to me; she looks petite and lacks vertical. Plus, she makes me think of Winona.

  11. Just tell them to f off and ignore. There is no point in discussion with people like this and unfortunately as a girl you are always at risk of encountering them. That said, I find that for some reason the Star Forge server is the worst when it comes to weirdos. I have been considering moving to Star Forge permanently instead of just for the galactic seasons but the amount of cringe in the chat is just too high so I will just stay on SS. If possible, consider moving to another server.

  12. What a fabulous outfit on Bella! I am not crazy about Ice's, it looks OK but the pieces could have been picked better.

  13. Why do people think yin types for this dress? It's literally a long not curved line.

  14. Ankle length seems to go the best with the design of the dress!

  15. To me her impression is mostly yang, even in her face; I could easily see her suiting bold looks. I do think she has curve though. I am leaning SN because essence wise it seems the most fitting and she leans shortish not vertical. If she is indeed tall, probarly SD.

  16. That said, OP, she still can be inspiration for you if you don't share an Id so don't worry if the replies are not what you expected.

  17. You could find celebrities of any id wearing this kind of a dress in 80s shows ^ ^

  18. I quite like the dress on you, I think it looks very chic and seems to follow your line well. Although I would wear hoop or ornate earrings with this and maybe a bracelet.

  19. Regarding the style inspo, do you mean looks that are perhaps less delicate and more like spicy/animated? I think that among the verified TRs you could find some of this kind of looks. The one that particularly comes to mind to me is

  20. Well anyone can wear anything obviously but it doesn't follow R recs > it's very precise and sharp, overall would work better on a yang id

  21. I hate this Marilyn dress tbh. Yours is gorgeous though and that colour, so rich!

  22. A total rocker😎 both as an artist and fashion inspo. I particularly love the style of the last blouse on her, so fashionista like!

  23. She's so beautiful. That floral dress look is perfection on her. I am guessing SN because of width + she makes me think of Jane Fonda

  24. I love the first one for a D, so sleek!

  25. I think the bottom is too bulky for tr.

  26. I mean that it has a lot of fabric that might simply not work if you have small proportions TRs are supposed to have

  27. Omg are we twins or what? I adore the romance too🥰

  28. Could see SG or SN , hard to tell if she has width or petite. I don't see vertical though + the sleek outfits don't suit her; IMO curve acc looks much better

  29. I do not get the Dreamspinner thing! Is there any elaboration on what exactly that means? Most of the other types descriptions I get but what on Earth is a Dreamspinner, you know?

  30. The Romantic essence is Dreamspinner! Can't find the fragment from the book rn but it should be somewhere in the sub's menu. Also search the sub typing dreamspinner, there's been some discussion about the term since it is confusing for many!

  31. Perfectly put together! Exquisite colour scheme and great vertical accommodation. I love how the sleeves of the sweater show, it's a small detail but one that I think impacts a htt significantly.

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