1. Behind the paywall, so I only saw a little of it before it grayed out.

  2. I used a gift article link, so it should be unlocked for everyone. It should say "show full article" right before it greys out, click on it to read the rest.

  3. I wanted to share this article because I thought it could be helpful for American readers who were interested in learning how to help refugees resettle in their communities. The article in helpful in explaining the background and goal of the sponsorship program in question, the specific steps and rules involved, it's potential positive social impact in the long-term if it becomes permanent, and the decline in refugee resettlement in the US in recent decades.

  4. Wish I could read this article, but im not paying for NYT subscription.

  5. Sorry I thought I posted the unlocked gift article link, is this link unlocked for you?

  6. It was not unlocked, I am unable to read both of the links provided. However, someone posted the article in the comments and I was able to read it there. and all I have to say is WOW. What a horrible way to run a country. But thank you very much for posting the article in the first place and checking back in. Highly informative!

  7. Sorry about that, I don't know why it didn't work. I'm glad you were still able to read it and found it informative. I'm glad to help.

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