1. My eko stethoscope, phone charge cords, shift bag with inclimate weather gear and helmet for extrications.

  2. Pretty obvious what I mean. You have no problem with the armchair psychologists in this thread that agree with your viewpoint.

  3. It’s not armchair psychiatry when it’s literally the position of the American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Medical Association.

  4. Oh! Off HiBid. I use crossroads firearms to Get things shipped to me.

  5. The moment you lie or mislead to a psychiatric patient, you have set them up to be escalated and potentially require hands on intervention. Depending on their underlying psychosis you’ve also set them up for a horrible time.

  6. No. Same reason police body cams aren’t hipaa or QA/QI reading through a report. But tbh, I have no idea how it works for sure

  7. HIPAA actually has defined data security recommendations for audio and video used for clinical QA/QI

  8. From a technical perspective, you could make einthoven’s triangle.

  9. I’ve encountered more than a handful of people who have had this done to them.

  10. Why the fuck are self-proclaimed "Libertarians" sucking the dick of an overtly authoritarian regime?

  11. When the only people who stand beside you, hardcore gun dude, are guys waving swastika flags - you really should ask yourself “are we the baddies?”

  12. he goes unresponsive it looks like, that's when they actually start doing anything.

  13. One of the big movements now, and EMS is preventing and recognizing rapid decline.

  14. I wouldn’t use this specific video. I’m not interested in watching yet another black man be murdered by police, and I imagine your students wouldn’t either.

  15. What we need to do is bag up baby powder and puff it in the air yelling fentanyl.*

  16. I get my fix from the nicu. Caffene citrate right in the veins. Clears the itch right up.

  17. don't talk to non-ems friends. It almost never goes well. Therapists and EMS friends or EMS "friends" are pretty much your audience.

  18. Please don’t make your only friend circle EMS. It leads to some really toxic coping mechanisms being reinforced

  19. It sucks. I’ve worked with EMS people in a number of different cities and despite Memphis city government being corrupt and the city being overall trashy, Memphis Fire are some of the best of the best in the country when it comes to EMS. Most guys know their protocols well and are excellent at pre-hospital care. Thats why I’m really interested in knowing what exactly went on with EMS. I still haven’t seen any clear answers about that.

  20. I did my paramedic clinical with MFD out of Sam Cooper and E Parkway 13. Those guys were awesome.

  21. The problem isn’t als first response - it’s the people involved in this.

  22. Not sure about New Zealand, but in general grinder is for anonymous sex. Not dating.*

  23. I’m in TN and basically what our service does is if the patient is in PD custody, PD makes their medical decisions since they are now the responsibility of the “state” in a sense. Of course, we always speak to the patient, make a deferential diagnosis and then recommend that to the patient and PD. 99.9% of the time, the officer listens to the patient and agrees to take them either by riding with us or taking them themselves. Otherwise, they have to sign a refusal and take full responsibility for denying them medical care.

  24. Where I currently work, there are policies that if the patient request medical attention, or has any visible injuries or signs of illness, they are to be transported for medical clearance before they go to jail. However, there are still officers who violate their own policy, and refuse to let us transport the patient.

  25. i’m sure the union will get them their jobs back unfortunately

  26. Not sure why you’re getting voted down. This is the same union that fought to protect a guys job for taking anti-blm photos while on duty.

  27. My recommendation do you would be to have a medical alert, bracelet or necklace that can key that person in that condition if you can’t talk.

  28. I don't consider them as safe. The problem is that if you have a cartridge problem, the rifle will not fail in the manner it is supposed to. It fails in a manner that embeds large chunks of metal directly into your face.

  29. Something to note is that during that study they did essentially shoot loads comparable to modern high performance 180gr hunting ammunition.

  30. It's an unsafe action and there's no way to make it safe. Basic engineering and firearms design. There's just not enough margin for error for my comfort zone.

  31. I can respect that completely. It’s still a beautiful rifle, even if it just hangs on the wall.

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