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  1. Guy fighting orange coat has a lot more self control then me lol, as soon as buddy got in my face like that he’s getting his ass whooped

  2. hope this means we get news from that bitch ass mf carti on Halloween 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Sick of new fans and old fans that use “old gen” and “new gen” just enjoy his music

  4. She cheating and she def got dicked down by like 15 different men at once focus on yourself king 🗣💯

  5. If I could fuck 1 year it would be 2016

  6. Has the voice chat always worked in this game? I never heard people in game till recently

  7. i don’t think the title is true, I’ve been sent this video so many times by my freinds and not once have I received backstory to it

  8. Good idea I was but I’m having issues getting sparks should I get pogos or black holes

  9. Remove the weenie beanies, split pea, grave mistake and spring bean, running one copy of a card is essentially useless

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