Has a judge ever ordered brokers ti ID short sellers - just happened

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  1. I think someone debunked the swaps run-up already in the sub

  2. I would rather have one share of GME than infinity burning USD 😎

  3. So what would sell your gme share for ? 🤔 and how would that transition look like (if the usd is becoming worthless) to another form of universal payments?

  4. Booked GME is the new global reserve currency ☕😁 change my mind

  5. Commenting because I have no idea what tf is going on and waiting for some to explain like I’m a golden retriever

  6. This US dollar crashing and the loss of the petrodollar are the new FUD in here over the past couple weeks. Foreign propaganda working overtime trying to play on our emotions.

  7. Dollar is becoming worthless, if you hold till trillion per share your regarded, Venezuela ready

  8. Court case moved from October 2023 to January 2024.

  9. First DONT listen to these faded ass ppl holding on to a trillion dollar per share THATS regarded, not saying it’s not possible (but most likely it will reach phone number prices and “gamestop” is gonna break the system which is what they want)all I’m saying is that ain’t no way one million regards are cashing out at 500mil-1 trillion per share (Whoever is gonna buy back our shares at these phone number prices is gonna take the dollar down and the whole economy with it, who tf is gonna buy back our shares at these high phone number prices #breakthesystem),when everyone holds multiple shares, like really read how that’s sounds that’s a one way trip to Venezuela, and on top of that multiple countries like BRICS are separating themselves from dollar, so it’ll practically useless, and the United States are in deep debt, sell your shares where your comfortable at, and make your moves.

  10. Jim Cramer did say he sees gamestop going up so this was all expected

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