1. I just joined the club. Until now I've just been losing oak branches here and there, no big deal, but I just lost my favorite tree, a mature escarpment black cherry. Doubt I can find a replacement for it. Sad noises

  2. Just a friendly tip. When stocking up on foods for an emergency, it is recommended to buy non perishables. Not trying to be a jerk. I’ve just read of countless people here who stated they stocked up on food and are complaining that they have to throw it all out cause the power went out. Why they didn’t put it in a cooler outside when the power went out or why they bought foods that need to be cooked and don’t have a camping stove incase the power goes out is not smart planning.

  3. Just put it in the car. You don’t even need a cooler when it’s freezing outside…

  4. That's exactly the reason why his colleagues got into the mess.

  5. Roll credit. Settle debt after death. Avoid income taxes.

  6. Can someone explain to me why Russians should be excluded from sports events? We did not exclude the Americans from sporting events because of all the civilians killed in Iraq.

  7. Violation of rules-based world order, mass graves, systemic rape, violating children, genocide, stated goal of eradicating Ukraine as a sovereign nation and a cultural entity, blowing up civilians with intent using bombs designed to sink ships, imprisoning it’s own people for speaking against the war, threatening the West with nuclear annialation, and any number of unrepentant war crimes.

  8. I know they have some sort of demo mode, they play certain classical songs by themselves, which leads me to think there is some kind of MIDI buried in there. I'll try looking around for the service manual.

  9. The reverse is true right? 50 bps and the market say 'hey, even the fed think we won't have a recession then we rally?

  10. We never know what moment triggers a sell off… The dot-com bubble started bursting the same day Greenspan moved the rate exactly as predicted…

  11. As someone who loves the Animoog, exploring sounds, drawn to Sweetwater’s four-year, no interest Moog financing, overwhelmed by the options, and not wanting to spend more than $2000 or so…

  12. Pell grant>community college>two-years>$><3…

  13. well if you have any other recommendations for a 16 ft wall in a bedroom, I’m all ears 🙃


  15. You could give them to economically disadvantaged teens…

  16. A tractor trailer is a tractor that’s been converted to a mobile living space.

  17. My parents were gifted a Beagle that could use a friend that’s not a cat…

  18. GDP always grows during layoffs and other fucked stuff in the economy.

  19. Once upon a time Mazda was fun and cool. Now they churn out soccer mom mobiles by the millions and have no soul.

  20. Agreed. Hardly a car if can’t carry more than one person.

  21. Show your loss porn then I’ll think about wasting my time taking screenshots and covering my accounts details

  22. I’d rather be a speculator that got the direction wrong than a knob that thinks they knew the future.

  23. im sorry, but ur few thousand dollars isnt gonna make the difference between a company failing or not

  24. How often do you hear? Hey I looked this up on Bing

  25. That’s like saying can you hand me a Puff’s?

  26. And yet lazy asses still going to order from Amazon…there are plenty of them out there

  27. This is against policy. And it’s shorting them out of an hour (ish) off pay per week. Please advise them not to do this

  28. Yea, I told him so. I was skeptical this was even happening, but he swore. I’m going to relay your comments…

  29. Oh come on man, why you have to bring that up, we are talking about Germans

  30. They are certainly wrong this time and most of the time lol

  31. Nobody believes you’ve weighed the evidence.

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