1. He played you.. ran it up and hit the Louisville 2 step on your ass

  2. Heck yea good shit I like those kinda dabs myself last one I had was a delta sift sauce cookie crumble combo. Definitely what the doctor ordered 👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Anyone looking for an eye witness hmu I’m your guy

  4. I can’t stand people thinking there a junkie because they use cannabis. Like where are you getting your information from. I’ve been addicted to hard drugs and there’s no such thing as a marijuana junkie for gods sake people

  5. No it’s Buddhist peyote from Nepal DONT SMOKE IT

  6. I get dabs on everything. Had them in may eye once even lol

  7. Charged ya a extra 5 bucks but your good

  8. As I am not in a legal state, I doubt this convenient store is just selling weed syrup

  9. Is this at the dispensary? Was black market here in Ohio couple years ago I remember

  10. It only comes in handy when your out of green other than that it’s pretty nasty in my opinion

  11. If you collect enough you can make shatter or edibles w them

  12. A stoned and confused owl trying to figure out how many hits off the dabo it takes to get fucked up

  13. Nothing like some fresh flower rosin out a dab rig n a quarts banger. I literally press it and scoop n dab always hits the best for me

  14. If your on papers or have a really low tolerance that stuff gets the job done but it’s hemp derived not cannabis so it’s a little bit different in nature

  15. Smoke it dude high voltage just burns it up quicker

  16. Nice buds if the 1st wife helped ya I’d keep her lol

  17. This last grow we had an issue we’re the locust where building there nests inside the colas of the bud plants. Started seeing an unusual hybrid cross breed when I noticed the buds were moving around on there own. Definitely for the love of God DO NOT SMOKE THAT SHIT!!

  18. No less than 3.5 more so around 2-2.9 grams

  19. Leaving the torch on after a dab session

  20. Buddies cousin left the torch on in his bosses 60,000 dollar truck and burnt the fuck out of the dash leaving it on smh

  21. I wish my local dispensary got more of there stuff I heard Woodward is the shit

  22. Daily for 25 years. I have to switch up between flower , carts , lusters. I went concentrate for a while but that will totally ruin your tolerance. Flower that works is becoming the hardest. Really have to lock in on your terps. It’s a struggle.

  23. Be nice if Ohio had 10 gram live resin buckets

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