1. Is this the Rich Evans My Twin?

  2. He kinda looks like the drummer for King's X, Jerry Gaskill but only just barely. Pretty sure it's not him.

  3. I'll be glad if they just give us more ice magic so I can stop relying on bugs for dmg on my warden as they trigger my entomophobia. right now, I'm getting around it by using oakensoul and loading up on destro staff and mages guild skills. but I feel kind of limited running around like that.

  4. Green Sorcden will not save you.

  5. The filling is disappointment and denial!

  6. Sitting around the living room in my first apartment with friends, getting baked and trading off on gta3, vice city or Tony hawk 2 & 3.

  7. If they put half of this effort into fixing what's broken...

  8. This was a flop at the box office

  9. I like Cannibal Corpse. I also like Justin Timberlake. Fight me.

  10. Why did the plane burst into flames after crashing? Kerosene burns very hot but isn’t explosively flammable like gasoline. If you poured kerosene on a single lit match chances are the match’s flame would be extinguished.

  11. I don't think planes run on kerosene

  12. Allegedly, any dipshit with a keyboard can write for the Insider

  13. So if he's proven innocent, all of you are gonna recant your statements here right?

  14. Innocent until proven guilty. You people have tendency to immediately jump to conclusions, the moment you smell blood. Let's wait for the ACTUAL verdict.

  15. Forever guilty in the eyes of Reddit, it's a good thing cancel culture isn't real.

  16. "Luckily for me I don't let stuff like this get to me."

  17. Caught a ban for mentioning Ukraine has a bit of a Nazi problem.

  18. It amazes me how some events, even really historically important things, can seemingly vanish from people's memories in like two weeks or less.

  19. Headlock McPoopie-pants? Hard pass.

  20. Not your army. Everybody doesn't have to like the same things that you like. I haven't seen it. Probably won't. Not for any particular reason. I haven't seen any of Peele's movies.

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