1. But I get a half of damn smalls. So inconsistent with the Galenas brand.

  2. Something big and scary 100% lives down there. Yup!

  3. Just like LoL...run at them boys. Their usually scardy cats.

  4. Curaleaf right now is fire. Grab what you can find.

  5. Do you get better absorption by taking 5 dropper full at once? Or do you take one then hold, the next, etc?

  6. Will definitely try this with mine 😅

  7. Under the tongue specifically right Behind your front teeth and where that little tendon is by your tongue. Is It's called taking medications sublingual.

  8. Have i got a story about Shrooms and this escalator.

  9. What state? Maybe there is a rec state close/ish by you can drive too.

  10. Damnit Earth can be so cool sometimes 😒

  11. After 3 years these are the first 5 that come to mind. If you gave me 10 min to go through all the bud I've tried id probably give you a couple more, but these 5 for sure all must try.

  12. The funny thing here is that ALL lenses are somewhat distorted, and the only way that the second picture would show a straight line is if it was, in fact, fisheyed.

  13. Yup, very bottom left its pretty visible!

  14. Wait...is beauty actually in the eye of the beholder???

  15. When you break open the nugs its straight gmo.

  16. 200mp also works/looks 1000x better if you zoom in like ever so slightly.

  17. Yes they are at ohio dispensaries for runny dabs and rosin and are sold in the dablicator

  18. Lol from Ohio and never bought one. Thanks for the heads up though.

  19. Yes no problem firelands scientific has them, also you can get an off brand hot knife from Amazon for about 25-30 that works just as well as the puffco one and it’s great for sticky and runny extracts

  20. Yeah I've seen them on the menu, usually dumb expensive.

  21. Edit edit edit: i am turning off notifications for this comment. You all have fun

  22. I really like this strain! It tastes very earthy (kind of like dirt, in the best way) or cheesy, and woody with a hint of bright citrus. The effects are almost solely cerebral. I feel as though it's more of a creative high than a "get up and clean the house" kind of high. Like it would be good for working or researching, playing or writing music, or anything creative that takes focus. Any computer or electrical engineers out there? This would be excellent for you! Didn't mean to piggyback on your post with a review, but this strain is different than most! What did you think, OP?

  23. Just finished vaping it. It has a creamy inhale, which is probably where you got that cheese from, then 2nd you exhale it gets super spicy and and then turns into citrus like some asshole seasoned your Orange with pepper.

  24. When I got a second this weekend I was going to email Curaleaf, because everything on the Internet says there should be THC V in this, and there's not. So I'm very curious what the cross is.

  25. What do you consider top-tier if those are bottom tier?

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