1. Isn't his VC at the War Memorial? If it's rescinded it's not like Stokes will get to keep the physical VC.

  2. I look forward to seeing what panicked selections Freddy will make for game 2.

  3. Someone needs to do a compilation of Apis forward passes from dummy half. That last one wasn't even close to being backwards.

  4. Different kettle of fish if you effectively work two jobs at once as suggested I'd have thought.

  5. Depends on how you've set it up. If you've already handed in your notice and have an end date set then they can remove your access to company networks and buildings. At that point it would be pretty hard to argue you're working two jobs at once and not just making efficient use of your remaining leave entitlements.

  6. they can also require you to come back to the office for an emergency if you're on leave.

  7. Ahhh, but that's where you pull the genius strat of just not answering your phone or emails. Problem solved.

  8. And the best part is if the GOP causes a default, everyone will blame Biden! Win-win.

  9. I don't think so. Biden and McCarthy have an agreed deal. If the GOP can't pass it through the house then they'll get blamed for not sticking to their agreement.

  10. The entire track has double yellows under a safety car not just the sector near the incident. There is also a delta time drivers should stick to. Genuine question, how can these two be managed together? I'm not defending Victor here. I know it is his fault

  11. The delta time isn't a time to stick to. It's a time to not go faster than. It gives an earliest time of arrival at specific points around the track. Drivers can, and should, be going slower than this if the conditions warrant it.

  12. Don't forget to cancel your streaming services.

  13. It wasn't much, but considering how close he is and how obvious it was it has to be no try.

  14. What's the record for most intruders in one game?

  15. This is why we shouldn't play games in NZ. /s

  16. Yeah. Always been a few nutters out and about, but the pandemic and lockdown really got them loud and angry. Plus they make for great news items. Till now it was mostly Western Australia and Queensland who had em, but they’re starting to sprout in Victoria and New South Wales now as well.

  17. Queensland is often portrayed as the most conservative state in Australia. But we have more Greens federal MPs than Victoria and we've had a Labor state government for 29 of the last 34 years.

  18. It's a train station in Melbourne, Victoria.

  19. You still have to play the workplace politics game. And that means showing your face in the office so your boss and bosses boss can see you.

  20. https://www.change.org/p/stop-water-mining-springbrook-tamborine-mountain

  21. Call me crazy. But if you commit a war crime you probably shouldn't get a medal for it.

  22. It's paid at the same time as my wages, fortnightly.

  23. Melbourne could be last on the ladder and they'd still find a way to beat Brisbane.

  24. is calling random internet people “champ” really your favourite use of free time

  25. It's not my favourite use. But it's definitely up there. Top 5 I'd say.

  26. Hunters are Anzacs replacement are they not? HMAS Anzac is almost 30 years old (commissioned 1996) I would expect them to be decommissioning as Hunters roll out.

  27. I think early 2030s is optimistic lol. That means anywhere up to 2034 right 😅

  28. We could do what the USN did with the USS Gerald R. Ford. Commission the ship but don't deploy it for 6 years while you actually finish building and testing everything.

  29. If you earn $85k a year for 40 years and achieve average returns of 9% (nominal - remember the $3m isn’t indexed so real returns don’t apply) you will have ~$2.9m. Congrats you are now impacted. This will apply to almost every Australian FT worker in 40 years time…

  30. The fact you're pretending the 3m threshold wont ever be increased over 40 years is fucking hilarious. Your agenda is on show for all to see.

  31. I think very few rewards programs are worth it.

  32. I was outraged when I first read about Israel demolishing this school, six years ago:

  33. That Google maps link appears to be in the middle of Palestine to me. Looks to me as if the nearest Israeli border is over 12kms away.

  34. Red Rooster chips are better, their wraps are better, and they sell real soft drink.

  35. Ahhh yes... but that was different. It was accidental contact with the head. This was...

  36. Did you read your own article? On the reporters camera was photos of an earlier shooting from that morning. Where exactly did this earlier shooting occur?

  37. Is your argument that someone attacked them earlier in the day so it's ok for them to assume everyone else is hostile for the rest of the day? What about the day after? A week after? At what point has enough time passed after an attack for people unrelated to the attack to be free from retaliation?

  38. He breached his bail, and is awaiting an extradition result, because he keeps fighting it.

  39. Chelsea Manning is still being fucked over by the US government to this day for what she did. What they've done to her proves why Assange will never get a fare trial in the US.

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