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  1. But the MP for Auckland can strip him of his renumeration and powers.

  2. Can you share your source on that? Since there isn't one blanket MP for Auckland (there are like 15-20 MPs in the Auckland area depending which electorates you count) I'm curious how that works.

  3. I'm not sure but maybe they are talking about the Minister for Auckland, currently Michael Wood?

  4. Oh great call, that would make more sense. I hope they've misunderstood something there though, as much as Wayne is a Grade A wanker I don't love the idea of a single minister having unilateral decision on someone's pay, especially if they're then still expected to work.

  5. Jesus Christ, the irony of being given shit for using a drug by people who use a different drug that's a million times worse by any metric you care to name. Congrats on your success though :)

  6. It never fails to make me both angry and amused! They’ll even give me shit for smoking while trying to pour me a wine. I’m not a drinker but I have no criticisms for anyone who chooses to take the edge off this wild life however they choose, it’s when your behaviour starts to cause harm that anyone should start to care.

  7. Oh god. I had to listen to my dad banging on about how terrible it is there's people smoking weed in the same conversation about how scary it was when he lived with his brother because he was angry alcoholic. Try hitting em with this one. Cannabis is safe enough to be prescribed to cancer patients as a medicine. Alcohol is a schedule 1 carcinogen, in the same category as tobacco and asbestos. No judgement on anyone who wants to drink either but some perspective is needed lol

  8. I know, it’s just exhausting trying to reason with them. My uncle lives with his parents at 50 and smokes weed but is also the first one to give me shit, so it’s not like rationalising is going to work either. I’m also the family gay so the few times I choose to visit it’s always fun!

  9. I got an email in the last few days saying mine was on its way, so they’re working through the orders for sure.

  10. Why isn't the international media reporting this as Jacinda's legacy. No one overseas can understand why [edit: significant percentage of] NZ doesn't respect her.

  11. It’s honestly mindblowing and a bit embarrassing how many people think Jacinda or any PM have absolute power and take action in a vacuum.

  12. It's also particularly ironic that if you boil it down one root cause for people like this to disrespect her so much is that she seems to have tried to lead collectively rather than dictate, and somehow this is wrong to them on both fronts. They will criticise her strength as a leader for not squashing policies they didn't like that came from her party or coalition partners, and in the same breath go on to imply every single controversial policy enacted is some indication of a personal ideology she's forcing on the country. It's "thanks Obama", with hobbits.

  13. Totally agree. Wild considering nothing she’s done has even been her sole decision either. As if she alone even decided what functions to attend or what to wear without a team informing those decisions, let alone enforced policy on her own. This government has done its absolute best in places and neglected others but I’m sure we’d all do the same, especially during such an insane time to navigate us through. It’s easy to sit at home and poke holes in the people brave enough to steer the ship.

  14. Well done!!! Unfortunately there isn’t an in-game achievement for collecting every star drop, there’s only a steam specific one, so you’ll have to settle for kudos from a reddit stranger.

  15. They've joined The Market, so now on their website they have items from other Market stores. It's annoying.

  16. The Market was started by The Warehouse Group, they’re just merging their online platforms slowly.

  17. The pattern changes from horizontal circle rows to vertical, a direct overlap wouldn’t make anything this cool.

  18. They’re right about this happening in general but you’re totally right about this bag, you can see where the seal ends on the sides of the top part.

  19. Wow, congratulation mate that’s amazing!! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you. Worth noting that the next 6 months are 4 days shorter than the last 6 months, so you are over halfway through the first year!! 💪

  20. So the guy in the beginning just gave an intro and just plays the content of another dude?

  21. This is definitely me when I’m driving.

  22. Honestly skinny or fat Ethan has had so much shit to deal with the past year! Proud of him for making it through all the frenemies drama!!!

  23. Frenemies ended 18 months ago though, this year for Ethan has been more about the alt right and being unnecessarily banned/striked.

  24. Buddy I'm not interested enough to look through your post history or read your diary, there's enough on display right here in this thread. Keep spending your time on the subreddits of people you don't like, insulting their fans. Very cool.

  25. I meant your posts on this thread mate, I'm not digging through your profile Jesus Christ.

  26. Does anyone remember the time stamp I want to show my mum

  27. My New Zealand family… was this on the members only podcast? Thanks in advanced brü

  28. Hey mate! It was on yesterdays off the rails, about three quarters of the way through 😊

  29. I meant wonder as in go around town looking for other people lol. My experience with Pisces is that if they feel like you’re trying to suffocate or trap them, they’ll try to swim away lol so you’re good. When I said I hope, I meant I hope he’s not like these sleazy guys on the meme

  30. The word you’re looking for is wander 😊

  31. Look here, this merc x in virgo and my iPhone are coming for me hard 🙄 let me be virgo wannabe

  32. Sorry, just thought you might not know and wanted to offer help 😊

  33. ? Of course they're not letting Jessica join, they're having a "boy's club" thing.

  34. Lol what? Where does it say it's a boys club? Cassie was clearly there with them and there was no mention of "no girls allowed". Big assumptions here!

  35. The new Kirby game has a similar feature too. Also the Lego games are great for this!

  36. I have a personal philosophy I think you should adopt:

  37. Awesome! Does it include clothes and shoes?

  38. This is how me and my partner do it too. For us, necessary clothes and shoes are a shared expense, but outrageous cool stuff tends to come from personal accounts.

  39. “Their presence is damaging business and making people feel unsafe.”

  40. You realise you can't just round up and expel the groups of people you don't like, right? That's some awful fascist shit. I agree that the current approach isn't working but to jump straight to rounding them up like cattle is pretty bleak.

  41. Woah really? I didn't even know it was commonly compared to a Kings of Leon song 😯 Which one do people compare it to?

  42. Radioactive I think, I've definitely seen critiques around that song. Personally I think it's more like Ragoo, but neither are similar enough to be called a rip off.

  43. This might be an unpopular opinion and I fully expect downvotes but here goes:

  44. They sure do! But instead of guessing, it helps to understand what's happening, what the laws are, and how they're applied. Like I said in the previous message, the laws are often combined with protest/conspiracy laws to artificially inflate punishment. Edit to add: both of your links were to people who were charged under these protest laws, furthering my point.

  45. These acts of 'protest' involved handing out flowers on a train and a few tweets.

  46. To be fair, you answered a serious question about the laws around not dressing modestly with a sarcastic comment, and text doesn't convey sarcastic tone very well. I completely understand and share your ire at an incredibly brutal and unjust system, but (at least to me) it seemed like the commenter wanted to understand those laws better, and a sarcastic comment wasn't helpful for that.

  47. Narcissist personality disorder is a mental health problem. Being a self important prick is a personality trait.

  48. You realise mental health is significantly more broad than just diagnosable mental illnesses right? Dude doesn't have to have NPD or anything like that, he can still have a mental health problem and possibly benefit from help.

  49. k-12 is free paid for by the state. It is only university that costs money.

  50. Also those loans have incredible interest rates, especially private loans for young adults without an established credit score. The raw cost of school makes sense, but they shouldn't be charged for interest.

  51. I just noticed hila and ian in the background 💀💀

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