1. Because he’s a elite player and would make our three top lines as hard as fuck to stop ????

  2. Or we could get a top 6 winger and make our top 6 not shit when Matthews is out

  3. Ya but when Matthews is in he’d be useless when we need a good winger

  4. Gonna do my best to translate it for ya'll. If anything's wrong or some just lmk here.

  5. Fym his lyrics, not trynna be a dick rider but most of his songs this Nigga fr be talkin

  6. Bro really screen recorded a 4 minute rant from this dude

  7. Bruh what people r also tryna figure out if it’s even on the album cuz an earlier leak was featureless - this is def rly helpful

  8. No it’s not, anyone with a brain could’ve figured out it’s on the album

  9. Smart, this seems real but I don’t want to get my hopes up

  10. Blue jackets beat Detroit 4-3 today so I assume OP is saying they lost as in their lotto chances are decreasing

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