1. All has been curated since TD started flooding it back in 2016/17.

  2. If they make it too obvious they know people will rise up and take them down. Look all over the world right now at how close that is already. They know have to walk a fine line till they thin out the herd enough.

  3. Nothing. It’s still bio weapon engineering. Whether you’re doing it for murder or for profit is moot. Pfizer aims to engineer a weapon just dangerous enough to create a panicked demand for their product.

  4. For a second I thought it was gonna be like that sheep and bounce right back in there.

  5. Given that "they" (WEF, UN, BIll Gates, etc.) want to reduce world pop by like 80 or 90%, what do you guys think they'll come at us with next? Obviously the vax isn't killing people off fast enough, even if you include lowered birth rates from the vax. Think they'll use the same trick again or go with some other form of attack?

  6. For someone who started off saying he was lying to make himself look cool sure did come unglued on that poor little iPad.

  7. That scum is probably their main supplier.

  8. At this point I just assume they’re trying to hide their identity.

  9. I hope they call him “Ma’am” when conducting… prison… “business”…

  10. Makes me wonder if transgenders stay transgender when they get sent to their biologically respective prison

  11. I bet they… straighten… up real quick.

  12. The drink in pelosis hand makes me think there’s more to this “encounter” than the media will ever tell

  13. Dude, just because someone is attacking you with a hammer is no reason to put your drink down.

  14. Yeah, like I wouldn't want my hand free to defend myself or anything. Having a drink at that point seems like a much better idea. /s

  15. Pretty sure "officially" here they are still holding to the narrative that the vaxes are safe and effective. To admit otherwise might would put them under liability, as, apparently, the US governemnt decided for the world that it's ok to forgo years of testing because Fauci said so.

  16. Was it Paul that said everything is fine, or it’s fine, or something? Why would he say that if he was being attacked?

  17. Knew the government was engineering viruses. Didn't know private companies were being allowed to get away with it.

  18. So... basically... you're telling me Bezos is legit. I mean $300k for a startup is easy. Like, I could get that from my bank in like less than a week probably. The rest of 'em are cunts, but Bezos is legit. MEGA legit, really.

  19. He didn't ask a single important question. An important question that needs to be answered would be like this:

  20. Wait I thought the cameras weren't working? How could he review footage?

  21. I wonder if Fluoride is what is keeping us so docile and pliable?

  22. I thought we get to vote for big decisions about this.

  23. I don't think so. Bush allowed it because he regretted what he'd done, but ultimately it's up to the traitors in DC.

  24. Yes, the Doomsday clock is fearmongering. It's been a very effective tool of fearmongering for a very long time.

  25. "A bunch of left wingers try a futile attempt at making a right wing political figure look like a nazi or something"

  26. Mass shootings or just thugs out there gettin’?

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