1. Regardless of where it is, I’m betting they release Shiny Shellos, Ducklett, Goomy, Skrelp, and Scraggy

  2. Are you in a rural area? I was easily able to evolve 4 in the space of 90 minutes and could've done more than that if I was bothered about doing so.

  3. Yes rural area but still had decent amount of spawns

  4. PaydayPokemon is a really small but consistent and chill guy. I’ve won some of his giveaways too he’s a great guy and shows the price of the cards he pulls and does stuff like Dollar Store hauls and other stuff and always has nice and short vids with no extra random stuff like promotions or anything

  5. Seems a bit weird having a Ditto event right before April Fools Day

  6. I’m betting next season will turn the top left into a tropical desert biome

  7. That’s normal. It’s light snow. The white ground is only when there’s heavier/longer snow forecast

  8. It’s heavy snow right now. I’m in the path of the nor’easter that’s hitting the east today and tomorrow

  9. This is why South Park is better. Family Guy is too scared to make inappropriate and offensive jokes nowadays but South Park has no problem with saying the hard r N word

  10. N word guy episode is good one bc it catches attention bc no other show just blatantly uses the hard r N word so casually

  11. This episode is gonna cause thousands of people to be introduced to ChatGPT and more people will start to stress the servers and then universities will start putting things in place to prevent us college kids from using it

  12. I mean wasn't there a post a while back saying that the fortnite seasons excluding chapter ones seasons for the most part always mirrored each other through different chapters like chapter one season 4 I think had the main theme of superheros apart of a movie set and then chapter two season 4 was actual superheros see marvel the only one to break this sequence was really chapter 3 but in all honesty I think that chapter was massively shortened for what ever reason, so it might be we are going back to this type of mirroring

  13. Chapter 3 didn’t exactly break the pattern. A herald arrives to the island warning of something coming from beyond space just like galactus

  14. Hitmonlee was way too rare. Only saw like 20 and 100+ of hitmonchan

  15. Not a person but the chinese spy balloon stuff

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