1. Watch it he just really hates the chorus

  2. Would have been weird to have a snoop diss on there

  3. So you’re gonna have 3 cds now? Lol

  4. Are you lying ? Lol the beat ain’t there lol

  5. Like almost every white lyrical rapper xd

  6. Macklemore ? Mgk? Token? Cal Scruby ? None sound like em in my opinion only one close is NF

  7. Nah that makes no sense to me. Nothing sounds better than a really tight rhyme scheme with a great flow (and a Dre beat.)

  8. Nothing I just don’t like it lol he’s trying to hard to sound like relapse and it’s not it for me

  9. It sounds like an A, it's on Genius too but i'm not saying it is just that from what I hear it sounds very much like an A

  10. Think his annunciation on hi a sounds similar

  11. Okay my dude, good luck, hope you’re not a comedian.

  12. 🤙🏻 hope you’re below 13 years old because if you’re not you feel sorry for you

  13. Ironic that you call me 13 years old, yet you’re the one obsessed with Eminem LMAO. 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  14. You’re talking about a Goat? Lol you acting like it’s a new mumble rapper ? Don’t make me bring up your Reddit if you’re really wanting to be weird and creeping on people to try to diss them like you’re a child.

  15. I literally believe Apple Watch paid him to mention them in a song and he worked his way around that by giving them the most baffling shout-out imaginable.

  16. Just wait 28k for a v6 is crazy. Especially a 15-17. You can probably find a15-17 gt for that soon

  17. Some reason the album says snoop dogg is unreleased

  18. I feel like there are better people to give it to, just feels like that guy adds to value

  19. I agree but he’s fun enough for em to like him

  20. Old group way better the new group lost creativity and spam the same videos over and over

  21. If that’s your case You can say the old videos are better. But of course they are better because they are fresh and new if the “new” group started first it would be different. I believe there content has been way batter since then you just don’t realize it

  22. Wheel and tire size don’t matter we need offsets

  23. Backspacing: 7.07 Offset: +40 Wheel Diameter: 20 Wheel Width: 10 Hub Bore: 73.10 Wheel Exposed Lugs: Yes Do you think this will help ?idk much about wheels

  24. Need offsets front and rear. But I will say if the fitment I’m pretty perfect on a s550 it should be fine on a 3v may stick out a bit but won’t know without offset

  25. Don’t bother it obviously ain’t the one

  26. That’s an unfortunate autograph but congrats

  27. Yeah I know I was hoping the CD was autographed but for $35 bucks it’s worth it

  28. Man, I just asked a question. I won't look up every store in every country about how much the CD costs there. That's why I asked here, because I saw a post that someone bought it for 25.99$ and someone else bought it for 18.99€, do you have more questions?

  29. I asked a question lol I was generally curious if you can look up the album and see all the prices on google. You can’t really compare prices of other counties because not all are the same currency. But apologies I was just curious

  30. No problem man, but you have to understand that you can't look up what's the price of a certain product in every store in the world. I know not all are the same currency but there is a gap between 26$ and 19€ for the same product.

  31. Idk about you but I can google Eminem curtain call 2 on google and it gives you a shit ton links with prices of different stores

  32. Just bought my 07 gtcs supercharged 92k for 12k lol

  33. Auto ?. I had an auto 06 similar mods and 4.10s were amazing especially if you race a little. Mpg didn’t change much for me maybe 2-3 if that

  34. Imo I don’t like crack a bottle I would replace it with this song

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