1. I thought the drop today wasn’t terrible I like the sslp shirt

  2. Did you have to generate a code after your password to log in?

  3. No I got an email saying your account was logged into but didn’t see it till the next day

  4. So you probably didn’t have 2fa on. 2fa is an extra security method added on top of your password to make your account more secure.

  5. I think I did because I got an email about someone logging in but I didn’t see it till the next day snd he changed all the info

  6. Em has to ruin the pic with his goofy ass stance

  7. yeah how goofy, a man facing the camera while clasping his hands behind his back as a show of respect, how utterly fucking insane

  8. His feet clearly what I mean by stance

  9. You gotta be specific on what car you are coyote swapping just so people know

  10. I’d rather wet my pants than shit my pants so negan still wins I guess

  11. No idea there Instagram has been pretty helpful with me

  12. Ups and downs like Em. MTBMB and Kamikaze had bangers, his features with Grip, Fat Joe, and others were really good too.

  13. Ya I agree I just feel like recently Wayne has much better sound to songs/ feautures no a lot are bad and it’s hard to say to em every other feature a shit ton hate it

  14. Beautiful cali yes they would look great I got the idea of bronze off the same color car

  15. Bruh you coyld of literally put that 35k towards a new one like a 2022 or a 2024

  16. Some people can’t afford a 2023 🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/what-is-the-widest-tire-size-you-have-used-on-your-s550-mustang-share-info-images.72869/page-7

  18. Thanks! This thread is exactly what I wanted to see with fitment pics. I currently run 305s on the 11” in the rear but looks like 325 is the sweet spot

  19. I did not know that. They stopped making it for awhile.

  20. Oh hmm not as long as I can remember atleast fro 05-09s

  21. You can probably sell that hurst for more than you paid since they quit making them. Is that the first addition or the billet one? I sold my hurst years ago. I have a mgw or barton now, can't remember which. Poly motor mounts and CHE torque limiters help a lot.

  22. I personally like the design a little smaller on the back and maybe the brand on the front pocket area. Maybe a sizers logo on the front and Joel on the back

  23. Most people have fully committed to their 20s alcoholism by 17

  24. it’s not dope, it’s perscription /s

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