1. Materialism doesn't claim this; it claims that everything in the universe is based on causal relationships between physical properties. No one claims the subatomic particle is the fundamental layer from which all causal graphs have their origin; that is quantum fields. This isn't new, it's the dominating paradigm since the mid 1900's.

  2. You just raised the bar on this sub by 2x. Congrats. The in game achievements haven't even caught up to you yet

  3. Besides the cake, you should buy him his first wife beater (:

  4. I only know Zeihan from twitter and the tweets I've seen were enough for me to block him because he makes ridiculous claims with such a level of confidence that he dismisses people who prove his points wrong immediately; I can't stand that level of intellectual dishonesty.

  5. When I was desperate to find something that might help with my depression, I had to jump through a ton of hurdles just to be able to see a psychiatrist and make my case, I was told that anti depressants work on 50% on people with depression and 50% of that group is placebo.

  6. That's still just cause of your deck composition though. Change it and you will change what you face. Basic Sue Black will never face those decks, even if you played them now. Best thing you can do sometimes if a week sucks is to get some somewhat basic decks and try them out. For example I always keep a Colors-Statue deck that has like 3 limlegs in there ready and if I get annoyed facing a specific thing in a certain week (like if all I face with my big deck is bobbit or all I face with my turtle deck is energy denial) I just swap to it and go stomp aviations.

  7. lolwut. Deck composition has nothing to do with what you play against. The ranking in this game is one of the worst systems imaginable and is based on your total XP.

  8. Nope. Deck composition absolutely has everything to do with what you face. I use it to modify what I face all the time depending on match-ups. Wrote a big post about it a few weeks ago. What you face seems to be based on rank (so of course if you are in dragon you will face dragon-level decks) and on your deck composition in terms of rarity. Maybe XP has something to do with it, but it's definitely not a lot.

  9. It is most definitely, 100% confirmed by mods and developers, based on XP and has absolutely nothing to do with what league you are.

  10. They are actual episodes, just not in our universe.

  11. I didn't pay attention to this card properly (I've never had it) but it made me think something and I've just checked the card list to confirm:

  12. That's why it is a limleg. 16.67P/E is quite high

  13. The other effect is much better than the pirate one

  14. Or could it be, and I know this may seem blasphemous to say, outside of this sub's echo chamber people actually really enjoyed the game?

  15. Yeah... The ranked system in this game was designed by either a toddler or an AI system pre training phase. Basing it on experience points is about as clever as lighting up a jungle during a monsoon with a candle.

  16. That "useless* robot has infinitely less suffering than you (:

  17. Robot is so emotionally advanced that it doesn't want to incur suffering and instead nets the cleaning personnel more hours and $$$ and we're here memeing. Shame on humans. Fucking robot has more empathy

  18. What do you mean "do you agree or disagree?" It's not a subjective question, this statement is an objective "no, it isn't". Holy fuck

  19. Doesn't fix the pleasure those gold bars induce. Tezor cold storage won't massage your prostate like a gold bar.

  20. Every time two people have a disagreement that to the outsider seems to stem on a misunderstanding, remember that Spinoza put this as perfectly as possible in 'Ethics'. This insight honestly was more interesting to me than the only reason people know Spinoza, which is god as natura naturans.

  21. I really like Tononi and have talked to him about his theory in person when he gave a lecture at my university, but to say it's the most accepted mathematical description is a huge stretch.

  22. Min/max'ing but for reality instead of a video game.

  23. It's not worth much in a trade but if you use Nezha to craft higher tier cards, it can lead to something more valuable. So not too bad really. (:

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