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  1. man, if you can come across another kopman kb, i would pay up for that!!! that really is the coolest keyboard!

  2. i bought my 2011 S in late 17 and put about 30k miles on it to add up to about 185k untill a snow storm wiped out the suspension pretty good. Today it passed inspection after some bc br series coilovers and some poly bushings here and there. Literally jumping with joy!

  3. Yes and you can lock the image so that no one else can just sign it :D (hope that is still true fo another building privilege area)

  4. It’s true, even your team is locked out!

  5. And yet, almost daily there's someone posting 100% achievements. So maybe it's not the game, just ... you.

  6. for me its my 3440x1440 monitor. unplayable without some ui mods

  7. fyi this is a pure vanilla server no mods made this happen, sorry for the blury images took a crappy screenshot as soon as I saw it

  8. Tommyguns Fragmod, its under modded and they have NA/EU/AU servers. It's dope

  9. so much fun when your waiting for the boys

  10. My shipping date for Bilstein pss10 on my r56 pushed back till mid July :( you lucky dog! Enjoy!!

  11. Your brain seems to be a marble, very smooth and very small

  12. https://carseatheadrestuk.bigcartel.com/

  13. amazing generalization, care to be any less specific? /s

  14. I used to backpack by myself across Europe and north Africa. I have stories lol!

  15. if i may ask, how’d you manage the expenses of such a fun endeavor?!

  16. Well, it wasn't all in one trip. It was spread out over six years so mainly paid for by working. The Morocco etc part was the longest and that was because my mum unexpectedly gave me £500 to travel that summer. I slept on trains, in train stations, beaches, youth hostels and camp grounds so they weren't expensive. I had Eurorail passes for the travel. In Europe I ate granola bars for breakfast and lunch and had packet soup every other day and then ate out for dinner every other night. And stayed with friends. There are loads of tips for traveling cheaply online.

  17. thank you so much! it is a real dream of mine to at least take one trip like that. Have a blessed day

  18. I have the same hat in black. I know it’s not the same, but if it’s similar enough I could sell it to you. Bought and never wore it lol

  19. and what are those hairs that keep popping up??

  20. probably a week and a half into my first tubs and have just exposed them to FAE and more misting. do i maybe need another layer of casing? the myc grew like crazy through my casing layer

  21. will do thank you, it has been 3 days in fruiting. i went to fruiting and it boomed across the surface from about 20% to what you see here

  22. It took me like a year, make sure to keep ur chest above ur stem and pinch ur cranks and seat. Just takes repetition and practice once you committ

  23. Same batch from same vendor?

  24. moms got it goin on. these rock, and have been wanting a plaid pair of pants exactly like this for SO long happy for you

  25. I’d love to but I dont know how to send this as a QR to y’all .... someone dm me how plz and I’d be more than happy to share :))))

  26. so far im seeing theres no ability yet :-( few are hoping the able sisters make a showing, they’ll hopefully have something with a QR export.

  27. i hit a pothole yesterday in my benz and bent my rim, i like this

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