1. Looks like you got a battlefield terrain of destroyed foliage/trees at your use.

  2. I have the bit in the antennae (Khorne symbol with skulls on spikes). I now know what its for. ;-)

  3. They're possessed by the forces of darkness. They are repelled by those who fight for True Metal.

  4. Come on now that’s not fair. The forces of chaos are well equipped (for the most part, Night Lords looking at you), effective (eventually, Abbadon, looking at you) and definitely cooler than Putin’s merry little band of dweebs (Huron Blackheart, looking lovingly at you). This message was brought to you by the Red Corsairs gang! Space pirates 4 life. 😎

  5. I was thinking human cultist fodder. But your point is valid. Don’t forget Fulgrim’s pretty bois.

  6. Nicely done! I was just looking at this mini from Majorkill. How did you find working with it, good quality?

  7. I bought the STL so I was able to support the model myself and do some test prints to get the best quality out of my printer. I think the provided pre-supported files would work for most people. Details on the model are great. I had some trouble with printing the wingtips and the rays on the crown I was able to solve by reorienting and supporting the model.

  8. It looks like a cheap Christmas ornament.

  9. Do other prints turn out fine? Was it a presupported file? Have you done an exposure test? What temp is it where you are printing? What are your printer and it's settings? These will all be questions you're going to be asked.

  10. It has a swivel base - from a vintage rhino 3d print kit. V2.0 in the works. :-)

  11. Thank you! I wish I can say it was free hand, but I just cut up the checker transfer that comes in all those ultramarines sheets and used micro sol and set

  12. I cheat by 3d printing my pauldrons. Still a bastard to paint. We suffer for our chapter. 🤪

  13. Its a great feeling, right? Finally, after more than a year of learning, I feel the same.

  14. Getting the exposure dialed in and changing out the fep really made a big difference for me but the temperature I think is contributing to my overexposure so we'll see what happens when it warms up a bit.

  15. I use a little space heater pointed at my printer. I put a thermometer inside and when I’ve had the temp above 75 (temp recommended for my resin) for an hour, pull the thermo out and start my print, leaving heater on.

  16. You had me with cannibalism. You lost me with incest.

  17. Why do I want to see Bozo the clown hair on this guy? No disrespect to your amazing work, but head with just the mask….

  18. Brother Bozonius will not tolerate this insult upon his Visage. Prepare to be purged.

  19. Made me think of a 'mobile gun nest' - the exo runs to a spot, squats down with at angled shield that ends up touching the ground and the auto gun mounts on top of shield. Lays down cover fire and AM runs up to it, utilizing it's cover.

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