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  1. You won’t win this one because OP doesn’t give a shit about being correct. Just look at his post history. The only things he cares about are pretending that China is superior to the U.S., and pretending he’s smarter than everyone else.

  2. Yes, my friend, I learned an important lesson from you today. Any material can express subtle feelings. Thank you

  3. Why get so salty? My guy just wanted to learn more about your art, even complemented you several times, and you’re still completely unwilling to have a productive conversation.

  4. Bro check out my latest post, no way we both posted AI chats about h3 at the same exact time lmaoo

  5. Wow, literally within the same minute! We must be telepathically linked because there is no such thing as a coincidence.

  6. Fun Fact: Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris in real life.

  7. I love how cats run as far away as possible when they get wet, like water is gonna chase them or something 😂

  8. I love how cats run as far away as possible when they get wet, like water is gonna chase them or something 😂

  9. Yeah, she doesn’t really know what it’s like to be cancelled on a national stage.

  10. To be fair, I doubt she really knows anything at all.

  11. Not trying to throw shade, but this would be a lot less impressive without all the visual effects and fancy expensive stuff.

  12. That’s like saying the Mona Lisa would be a lot less impressive if Da Vinci didn’t have paint or brushes. Like, no shit. They’re artists and the “visual effects and fancy expensive stuff” is their medium.

  13. This post has absolutely nothing to do with this subreddit, you’ve posted this same shit to 22 different unrelated subreddits, and the title is fucking weird. Get reported and stop content farming.

  14. I saw a video where this dumb thing was explained. What you’re supposed to notice is that:

  15. How they made it this far is astonishing.

  16. If they would’ve jumped at the last second they could’ve made it a little farther.

  17. The moment when you realize that men have 11.5% greater labor participation than women despite being equal in quantity 🙄

  18. I am no psychologist, I have very little knowledge of what you’re going through, and am not very experienced with phobias. However, I have witnessed a family member successfully overcome their phobia of heights which was so extreme, she would not enter an elevator, go on water slides, or god forbid an airplane. From this experience I have learned that her process was as follows:

  19. To be honest, there are a lot more normal looking or even attractive pedos / murderers / psychopaths than people tend to believe.

  20. One of my first one night stands was a girl caretaking a dog boarding house. Doing it like they do on the discovery channel while 3 dogs awkwardly stare at you is a new level of being.

  21. “Cunts” is a gendered pronoun genitalia. Please use gender neutral body parts, like “assholes”. Thanks for making the world more inclusive!

  22. “Vocative cases” just refers to words or phrases which directly address the reader.

  23. Actually, you can choose whether videos begin muted or not in the settings

  24. Okay yeah cool, but how does it all vertically stay in place like that?

  25. I have seen so many videos of men being aggressively creepy to women over voice chat in video games, and I never understand why these women actually entertain this kind of behavior.

  26. I was never on your side from the start, but I thought “maybe he’s just confused.” Turns out you’re actually just psychotic 💀

  27. Has any one of these YouTube 'pedophile catchers' ever resulted in a conviction? All they have to go on is a third-party with a clear financial incentive telling the authorities that the person they have caught, filmed, and profited from, is a pedophile. I would expect any defense lawyer to be able to throw out most, if not all, of the evidence in cases like this and point out the clear conflict of interest and lack of impartiality from them.

  28. First of all, your notion of “conflict of interest” and impartiality does not apply when reporting a crime. Regardless of the reason a crime was reported, (even for profit) a crime was still committed, and you will be found guilty.

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