1. this is gonna rip to $30 and beyond after earnings

  2. I never knew I was going to be clenched this early in the game

  3. Please Canada no heart breaks today!

  4. England are playing shook damn, US are fearless this game

  5. Brazil's attack is actually insane, they should win the WC

  6. Hows Leao not starting damn, but what magnitude of a player to have coming off the bench with fresh legs

  7. Sold my turkey for a 15% gain!

  8. we beat a violent Mexican team in the snow in our qualifiers, this is soft lol

  9. I'm proud about how we came out swinging this game

  10. Any reason Davies is the one taking it? Is he generally good at them or is it just cause he’s the big name on the team

  11. probably that, it should have been David taking it tbh

  12. Well that's one way for Germany to boycott this tournament

  13. Getting tired of these same old comments. I've never seen people conveniently forget all the other corrupt/human rights atrocities that are being committed by these so-called "peaceful nations" and just have Qatar as the holy grail of human right issues. Sure, the Qatari government and the rich heartless snobs deserve the hate but have the same energy for other nations as well that are as vile albeit in different forms.

  14. Hawks are easy pickings for the Raptors tbh, wish we could get them in the playoffs

  15. you could just tell that the pressure to break through $30 is building heavyy

  16. selling deep ITM GME calls to pick up that sweet premium

  17. That Rashid wicket maiden over changed the entire game, Pak were looking at 155 - 160 after hitting 16 off Livingston.

  18. there's something really cinematic about this lol

  19. You could tell by looking at his face that he has 3 parathas for his nighttime snack

  20. why is the market reacting today? Is it because of the midterm elections or CPI expectations for tomorrow? Also, what are th implications for the midterm elections exactly, don't really follow election news

  21. is it reacting? S&P currently the price it was monday. It was up tuesday then down the same tuesday and is the exact same price it started the week at.

  22. other commodities seem to be hit a bit more aggressively today (speculation, growth. etc)

  23. This is not a stock worth averaging down on guys. Sunk cost fallacy. Find other opportunities to make back your losses then further burn more money into this shithole. I learned the hard way but I'm glad I'm out of this for my mental peace of mind

  24. should have waited today to average down instead of yesterday at $24.3. Oh well, it won't matter in the long run anyways

  25. Glad my order got triggered for 360 shares at $24.33!

  26. I know its early to say but man I would be shitting myself if I were the Warriors with that Poole contract

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