1. It kinda was for a few years but we seem to be recovering some in spite of the fact that his minions are trying to stop it.

  2. The 25 questions on the rules test that qualified me to operate trains with all those chemicals should put everyone’s mind at ease. I’m a trained professional.

  3. Even in the midst of death throes it can take a long time for an evil beast to die.

  4. I find the fact that there’s any question about whether or not we can hold our elected officials accountable very disturbing.

  5. Look at that face. That’s the “how dare you question me?” Face. (See: Matt Gaetz)

  6. If whining got results I’d know why my wife was upset.

  7. “We must draw a line. This far and no further, motherfucker”

  8. “I didn’t want to be a mean guy. Wanted to be a dancer.”

  9. We knew that was gonna happen. They’re just easing us into the fascism so we don’t hop out of the pot.

  10. So many Simpsons references on reddit today. I was just involved in a steamed hams incident!

  11. Same. Roy's fucking hilarious.

  12. Maybe sports betting can pay for a new airport in Kansas City. Apparently the one they just built isn’t worth a shit if you want to use it to fly in or out of Kansas City. It looks nice, though.

  13. Somebody learned that the stove really is hot. Good on ‘em. Better late than never.

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