1. This happens when you move files around on your computer. You can open up self contain settings and include all the samples in the file it'self, but I also recommend setting up a solid file structure and leaving it. The Drum Supply is a part of the core Reason sounds and shouldn't be moving about.

  2. This. Quit moving your files around. Organize your files and leave them in place.

  3. That’s a good ole ghetto dime bag. Sounds like inflation has hit the local get.

  4. Do you know the name of the break or is it something you wrote?

  5. Oh my, it’s a Desimal break. The guy keeps on giving in the afterlife. Thanks for the details.

  6. I'd prefer not. Let the devs spend their time on more important things.

  7. Reason support is good. I’d submit a ticket with the details above and see what they say.

  8. VST3 is going well. I recently ran into an issue with pops, clicks, etc. due to lantecy. After testing a few configs it appears I was not using the best audio driver. I have a Native Instruments Komplete 6 and swithed from ASIO or DX to MME Main Output it resolved itself. I am running Reason 12 / PC / 64-Bit / i5 / 16GB RAM.

  9. Pretty sure ole pooch can knock out a few patches. Enjoy!

  10. She’s a beaut. You just helped my decision of what to run next.

  11. Go to a health food store and buy 00 cellulose capsules. Grind the shrooms up a bit better and pack them in the capsules and down the hatch.

  12. I would look for craftsman and woodworkers looking for wood.

  13. Helluve a piece to just 'throw in.' I wish I did not sell mine 22 years ago. At least I kept the EA1. Nice score op.

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