1. I was on cardiology service with one of our hospital’s beautiful Ivy League attending. As a newly leveled up PGY2 from a DO school I was naturally intimated by her presence. Then something remarkable happened while I was on her service. She made it a point to tell me that I had one of the most well written and thorough notes she has seen from anyone at our hospital in a long time. I am still floating on Cloud 9 from that recognition and it’s been almost two years 😂

  2. This looks like impetigo caused by the staphylococcus pyogenes bacteria. Please get help as soon as possible as you can get necrotizing skin from this infection aka flesh eating disease. You can die from septic shock.

  3. What type of prep are you interested in? Backed by bro-science or backed by exercise physiology physique scientific guidelines? If it is the latter, I would opt for ProPhysique or BioLayne. Most of their coaches have an exercise physiology degree and understand the “why” and how to individualize a plan that is geared to you specifically.

  4. i go up around 2-4lbs...and my fatigue actually comes the week before it shows up, it's so bad, hard to keep my eyes open at work. I'm not a bodybuilder but thats my experience!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I read somewhere that the basal metabolic rate increases before a woman's menstruation. So it makes sense to me why someone may feel fatigued if their BMR is a little more elevated than usual but unable to replace it with the extra calories. I would need to find more literature relating to this subject matter. I am just hoping I can get down to my goal weight for the week. It really put a wrench in my plan -_-'

  6. Roughly 2-5lbs. Normally only 2. Other than temp weight gain, it feels like a normal day to me. No extra fatigue and no other symptoms. I’ve always been normal with minimal symptoms since I first got it in middle school.

  7. If the literature regarding body composition states in order to gain LBM you have to get around 1g/lb of protein, and fats and CHOs can be diced according to preference, then why do preppers cut their fats to a minimal? I’m not fully understanding this concept/culture if the science doesn’t back this method up.

  8. I’m currently an internal medicine resident (doctor) and on prep. It is a challenge for sure, but nothing that no one else can be capable of if they really want it 💪🏻 Yes, I’m cranky 🥲

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