[Preorder] DCX Hyperfuse is live!

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  1. Now that I won the keyboard I just need to win the rest of the parts to build myself a working pc

  2. This would be great as the ke doesnt work on m keboard

  3. Best of luck to ou, I hope ou come awa with a working ke!

  4. And we're bringing all sorts of Clack Friday deals this week. You can find the

  5. Hey everyone! As a run-up to Black Friday at the end of this week, we're kicking things off with some week-long savings for Clack Friday Week.

  6. Yikes, that’s odd. Can’t say I’ve seen this before, but I’ll make sure the team is aware of it. Sounds like you’re all set with getting a replacement though - if you hit any snags with that let me know.

  7. Are Oblivion or Skiidata colorways in the works?? Dolch and WOB are great classics but with some more designs, I think DCX could become the de-facto cherry-style caps in the scene, especially in-stock.

  8. Oblivion would be based on whether Oblotzky wanted to make them, since they are the original designer. Skiidata is a generic colorway (generally ownerless) so it might pop up on our roadmap. Tbh the Skiidata color on MT3 sells "so-so", hence it's not a huge priority to move over to DCX. But we already have the colors matched and everything so I could see us slotting it in when we have an empty spot.

  9. Building off the success of the Holy Panda X switches launched earlier this year, the new Holy Panda X Clear switches offer a comparable typing experience while allowing more light to pass through to your keycaps. They also pair nicely with clear keycaps, like our Keysterine keycap sets.

  10. You asked for it and Matt3o delivered; the Black Speech keycap set has arrived to round out the trio of Lord of the Rings themed keycap sets. Maybe the Dwarvish and Elvish colorways weren't for you, or perhaps you are feeling a little more sinister - in either case, Black Speech might be just what you were waiting for.

  11. Big oof :( Really sorry to hear about this, especially for a limited-release board like this.

  12. That’s so nice of you, thank you for the offer! I’ll send a DM. Also, I’ve reached out to qwertykeys through their discord and they may be able to help. Unknown at this time though, waiting to hear back from the admin of the channel.

  13. Fingers crossed they can hook you up with an extra! That would be incredible. If they are able to, this offer is still on the table btw - not dependent on that not working out.

  14. Are the original designers of hyperfuse making money off this run? I believe BunnyLake received some fees back when Originative ran the colourway, just curious if the same is applying here.

  15. Good question. Originative actually owns the rights to Hyperfuse, so they are the “designer” in a business sense. When we refer to working with the designer to send sets out to original participants, that would be bunny, as he has that info.

  16. Btw, are you still looking for new designs ? :)

  17. You should watch it, but you should get a nice purple cable to go with it - let me send you a DM and we'll sort that out for you <3

  18. If it were solely up to me, we’d be collabing on a modern Model F board 😂

  19. Heck yeah! Love a good battleship, and this one’s a beaut.

  20. Never before seen Pro tip! Using your baby gravy as lube for your key switches.

  21. I love the idea but I don’t see how it wouldn’t end up looking like a turd with nice symmetry

  22. Would love to order but…..why is it that if you’re in US it’s free over set threshold but for the rest of us (I’m UK based) you charge $15 for 1st item then $5 for every additional item. This additional $5 amount even applies if you’ve ordered base keycap set and you add the novelty keycaps for the same set! Extortionate! I can just about understand your flat rate of $15 but $5 for every additional item is ridiculous. All shipping companies go by weight and dimension (as far as I am aware), which I would understand.

  23. I'm having a hard time replicating what you've described by creating a dummy order - could you DM a screenshot of what you're seeing so I can pass it along and ask about what might be happening here?

  24. I'm having the same issue. Each item added to the order adds +5 USD to the shipping with the first item being $15 for shipping.

  25. Appreciate the comment. I have asked the team about this and will update here when I hear back.

  26. Codes are locked per account and only active after spinning and winning :)

  27. The problem with this (from my amateur perspective) is that larger “batches” of designs inevitably will default to the most popular colorways….which isn’t a bad thing! But the reason why many of us are into customs are for niche/more unique colorways that might not be massively popular.

  28. “Popular” is relative. If the market expanded by 10x (which would still make it tiny), a unique colorway would still be made and selling in quantities larger than the popular ones today.

  29. Fun reading all the speculation in the comments, here are some clarifying details to end some of the furious debates:

  30. 😱 Wow - incredible setup! The longer I look the more little accent details I see. Very impressive! 😍

  31. Any idea why this post was removed? 🤔

  32. Hey everyone, I'm excited to share that the incredibly popular Pulse colorway designed by MiTo has now arrived in MT3 profile.

  33. A Lord of the Rings adventure in San Jose to find affordable housing for a family of four.

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