Drifter is a terrible influence

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  1. Well, it will be a little faster but, depending on the current market and what you paid for it you may have diminishing returns.

  2. Nothing, I'm not proud of playing that game, I'm ashamed of what I've become...

  3. Hunters are the first over the wall... Always getting bloodied. First to go, last to know

  4. I never understand takes like these. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but no one is entitled to be basically protected from judgment based on that opinion.

  5. .... But also thank God for the Qualichor walk through I found... Fuck..😧

  6. ... There's a lot of filler out there when all you want is some simple info.... Like legit I needed help on some of the pattern puzzles, or where to find region chests, otherwise I woulda grinded for hours and I got kids and job.

  7. If this is legit, I feel like the game is the least of your problems and I hope you find some therapy, there's lots of online resources, otherwise, now you can destiny 2 uninterrupted.

  8. The star horse, the drifter, and Xur are my favorite characters in the game. In that order.

  9. Sometimes I think I'm gay, but I think it's more of a bro mance thing

  10. clan was called Oryx's Schlong. Also cause it sounded funny.

  11. I feel like I may have been ganged by Oryx's slong a few times

  12. That is a solid fireteam right there

  13. Now that song is stuck in my head 😭

  14. Wait, there's a new destiny 2 expansion?!

  15. It's the food, they just assume the post and help themselves to the awesome spread for everyone in the helm

  16. Why is there only 1 upgrade module

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