1. I love running into people like you. At first, you never say anything and we think you don't have a mic. By the end of the game, you're having fun, laughing and tossing out callouts lol

  2. You need to work on your get-away movement my man! 😂

  3. Or just don't drive into a group of 20 bots but hey to each their own

  4. The temptation is real when the opportunity arises tho

  5. Oh yeah DMZ has given me some major trust issue rage

  6. That pisses me off because I’m just one of those dudes that just wants to help and build up others instead of breaking them down. Im keeping away from that stupid dog tag mission. Yeah, but I straight up apologize for killing them and tell ‘em let group up next time, but then it usually ends up bad and another ass comes up and shoots me

  7. I get seasonal depression during the hot and humid summer months. I would enjoy living in a wintery location, but it only gets icey for about a month where I live.

  8. Oh yeah I absolutely hate summer and love winter, but since I work nights I simply do not see the sun and it has a negative effect on my moods 😭

  9. Make sure to drink more vitamin D. Also remember the meme “walking for my mental health” or Bojack Horseman season 2 ending. You got this!!!

  10. Frenchies? Where are you located? I gotta get myself to that Frenchies.

  11. Guys Frenchies, it's a Nova Scotian thrift chain. 🔥

  12. Oh I know! I'm in NS as well. Just curious which one is so good!

  13. Sackville location dog you didn't hear that from me tho 🤫

  14. Jason Van Wyk is great. Tbh as of now I'm only familiar with the album Threads, but I should probably dive further in his discography. Still, that is a lovely record

  15. thanks for sharing this, dude. I will take a look at all of them and see if I like their songs

  16. Nadja - Touched is a masterpiece of drone/doom. Please enjoy

  17. What's in your backpack that's weighing you down so hard

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