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REPOST: If we short squeeze, Exercise calls. IBKR Founder/Chairman quoted saying that with GME had everyone exercised their calls (which were uncovered) the price would go into the thousands!

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20.000 Bikers drove to the house of a 6 year old with terminal cancer in northern germany. His last wish was to see bikers driving past his house. Friends of his family posted it online trying to find maybe 30 bikers but it got shared and they came from Germany and other countries. I love it!

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  1. Go ahead and do it then lmao, who knows maybe one day you'll make enough income from the posts of your cock on your account that you wont have to bother with the stock market. Might want to clean it btw, looked hella dirty on ur post lmaooooo

  2. One day I'll do the same livery on an FH Globetrotter XL, this is my first truck and I've sort of got attached to it lol

  3. Am I missing something? I recall seeing numerous progress posts on this livery being designed around this sub over the past week and yet in your post history is...nothing?

  4. If you DRS 77 fucking thousand shares i'll fake my own death and spend the rest of my days serving as your house slave holy fuck

  5. Can you play a video game for the video game? Cosmetics are cosmetic if you’re enjoying the game aren’t you able to just enjoy the time you’re playing with you and your friends? Or am I doing Overwatch wrong?

  6. I didn't even mention loot boxes in my post, but Judas bought up a very good point about them. When I said rewarding, I wasn't talking about the literal sense of getting a new cosmetic, the game just genuinely doesn't feel *mentally* rewarding.

  7. so you genuinely believe the game feels better now they got rid of the post game lobby with the medals, voting cards, random stats from the game and a more real feeling endorsement system? Each to their own but that's a fucking unpopular opinion lmao. could you be licking corporates' boots any harder?

  8. What makes someone a "sweat" exactly? Being good? Trying to win? What are the qualifications? I'm genuinely curious.

  9. There's a difference between being good and being a sweat.

  10. Can’t think of one lmao. Literally every game you play theres bound to be some toxic people. In my opinion, trash talk is just a part of the game and it’s pretty entertaining sometimes

  11. I love the trash talk, it's part of the cod experience lmao

  12. you entirely missed the point of the post. That's like going to a restaurant, the food being shitty and the waiter saying 'but you have a drink!'.

  13. I know this is a 5 month old thread but this might help anyone looking at this in the future

  14. Old thread I know, but I have a Corsair RM650. Been working brilliantly for me

  15. I'm a 'mature' gamer (45 in a week and a bit) and a new YouTube channel creator. I've been racking my brains about what to do with my channel until I came up with my now current idea, and a lot of what you say here rings true with me also.

  16. Had a quick watch, only big criticism is the voice filter, might want to get rid of that so we can hear a real human voice yknow but nice vids

  17. I'm into Oxhorn lately. He does lore videos for all the 3D Fallout games, and a ton of other LPs for other games. Right now, he's got a few series going up: Fallout Tactics, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and live stream series of The Outer Worlds. It's all on YouTube.

  18. wait people still watch fallout (specifically 4) videos? damn thats like my favourite game and I wanted to try make youtube videos from it but i figured no one would be searching for FO4 stuff on yt

  19. I know this doesn't fully answer the question, but i'm super tired and about to sleep

  20. Well, Todd is involved and it's the company that made Westworld, so it'll probably just be a Fallout 4 rehash.

  21. Yes todd is the exec producer, but the way it's been described and announced, He's basically gave the studio the lore book and general rules of the world, but he's leaving it up to them to come up with something interesting.

  22. Not for a long time. Fallout has gone down the GTA route, online multiplayer is their moneymaker so don’t expect a new singleplayer story title for quite a while

  23. Except its not because as a base game, FO76 has sold around 1.6 Million copies, and Fallout 4 had something like 13.5 Million copies sold. And judging by everyone I know who plays fallout games, lots of people happily paid for fo4 DLCs... How many people do you know who actively buy FO76 Microtransactions. yeah not many.

  24. No no no. Thats biker *GANGS*. That's like saying people who have bicycles aren't nice, and then your sources to back you up being something about gangs using bicycles for crimes.

  25. Fast and Furious 7, after Dom and Shaw have a fight "Thing about street fights, is the street always wins". Like what the fuck is that even meant to mean? and then he stomps on the floor and collapses a multistory car park...

  26. Nice bike! What does it ride like? I'm looking at treating myself to one but I'm torn between this or a cheaper bike like a CBR 125... But yeah, awesome bike mate!

  27. I'm getting the exact same problem. My specs are a Ryzen 5 3600, MSI RTX 3060 Ti and 16GB RAM but when I'm in any sort of city my framerate drops down to around 30fps. My graphics settings are all on ultra (1080p) apart from medium on shadows, and gun debris is disabled.

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