1. I had the antibody test after one Pfizer dose a month ago since I’m not going to take the second due to bad side effects some of which I still have hoping I would have some since they say the first dose gives some protection but it said negative. The exact number was 158.8 for semi quant total ab if I’m reading it right.

  2. I got Roche/labcorp a couple weeks ago (the semi-quantitative) and although I don’t know detectable limit for this test, I got 2300

  3. FS It’s It- delicious, works for pain, not too sleepy to enjoy the evening but could sleep at the end. Absolute favorite.

  4. Whats did (its it) taste like ? I've heard people not liking this strain but I seen what its crossed between and I feel like those 2 would.mix well together

  5. I think a little lemony or fruit, but subtle...and cool. Not sure if it is mint/menthol, but has the slightest coolness, like mint or menthol or something. Really interesting. You should try if you get a chance.

  6. I got the black jack, was impressed with price (with 25% off sale, was $75) and took a chance on new strain. I really like it, relieves anxiety, pain, great daytime but think it would be good evening as well.

  7. Unfortunately it's our own fault for buying it. I did it too my first 45 days. There's a reason there are mostly .85 carts floating around --- the thc cannot exceed 590mg (or so). Therefore, a FULL gram could only be a maximum of 59% THC.... and most FS full grams sit at 50% thc or so I've noticed. Yeah, stick to their half grams, or if you're feeling bougie SHO .5grams. Their half grams are always far more potent than ANY full gram.

  8. Interesting, makes sense. I actually want to try it for this reason, not too strong for using throughout the day. I also noticed it had a lot of CBD, probably due to size and THC limits, but I was looking for that for during the day. I love the FS AC/DC for day and the Sour Papaya SHO is incredible!! Best taste ever and great effects.

  9. Sour papaya SHO, worth the price at least to try once.

  10. just get a nice all wood / metal / glass dry herb vape like a Milaana - they go on 'sale' in a couple days (first week of the month each month) -

  11. Love vaping dry herb. The cartridges are just so convenient.

  12. Incredible flavor...kind of fruity, minty and smooth. this is the best I have had on program.

  13. Doesn’t BR make airopro carts normally? If so, I’m wondering if these 510 BR carts will also have some live resin, some distillate. Does anyone know? Would love to have live resin in regular cart.

  14. I only make purchases with a good deal! If ppl are actually vaping, then super high inflated THC numbers don't matter! Just tried Firelands for the 1st time around 16%, and the most smell out of anything I've had in program, plus great effects (triple platinum candy). No smell on the wedding cake from woodward. Klutch buds don't even look real ha. Hey I am not hating, but I hate getting ripped off! I will not pay 40+ for 2.83 anymore! Not worth it! Got 11.32 for 100.00 at bloom Akron last sale! Now that was awesome! I started this adventure hunting high THC, I have learned the error in my ways (thanks mods and others). If you think you need 20+ %, I urge you to try vaping something within the 15% range. Hopefully you'll be happy like I was to see it's a gimmick!

  15. Triple platinum candy is great, smells amazing, o agree.

  16. I have good luck with the Luster pods. The only issue I have had from them is some strains seem to be heavy on carryophyllene and have a little pepper burn if you exhale through the nose. I have heard great reviews from the Airo Pro, but have not tried them yet

  17. Tried and liked the Luster Pod. Just tried one with Burkle and no coughing at all. I liked the price a bit more than the airo pro, but maybe worth trying that as well at some point.

  18. I guess the experience can vary for each person, but I certainly wouldn't be refusing vital medical testing (which we don't get enough anyways) because I'm afraid of a little bit of pain.

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