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  1. Baki would actually listen before calmly telling him to fuck off. Jack would probably just walk away.

  2. retsu gets waxed. Jr can do death matches but imagine him in a sport setting. his speed and power would destroy retsu

  3. Paul Saladino most likely. I like his advice but honestly his personal diet isn’t for everyone. He says white rice is ok along with fruits/honey and even maple syrup. The thing is the guy is constantly moving so idk

  4. Bro there’s no way you made this same thread on Reddit. Lmao

  5. I pray sukune doesn’t become a jobber but I’m hyped regardless

  6. Baki creates the image of god(zilla) and low diffs him

  7. Needs to be a different sub Reddit solely for demon back posts. Imagine you go on there and it’s just backs. Beautiful

  8. honestly you should just speed read the older chapters to understand how horrible of a person yujiro actually was. like at one point he entered a gym and just killed a whole bunch of fighters for no reason at all. hes "mellowed" out somewhat but ofcourse theres the whole rape thing

  9. Placidusax, never stopped teleporting. "Stand behind him and fuck him in the ass" is what I was told. Died to that fucker 14 times. Hardest boss in my opinion.

  10. Trash advice considering he has a move where he literally stares at you behind him and spews fire around the sides of his body that reach his butt.

  11. The town is probably the funniest thing in all of elden ring. It’s so fucking dumb that it comes back around to being hilarious because you flat out can’t fight the assassins because they’re just mini bosses basically. I attempted to fight one for fun and another came literally out of nowhere and back stabbed me. the archers can be knocked of the roofs. This only sucks the first time you do it because you don’t know where the lamps are or where the assassins are coming from

  12. I know yujiro raped a guy that one time but the first Baki series truly made me hate his character. What an absolute bastard of a character man. He would just walk into rooms and kill random people for almost no reason. He’s mellowed out tremendously after fighting Baki…except for the rape thing

  13. No. Jack Hanma was clearly shown as the strongest fighter early on. It looked as if Garland was stronger than Hanayama by quite a bit and Hanayama defeated Katsumi like 4 times until he finally lost once (he allowed Katsumi to recover each time. So yeah, Retsu was kinda facing weak opposition. He should've beaten Baki tho.

  14. It’s my own head canon that Baki sand bags in most his fights so he doesn’t go full yujiro on people. He stated he was holding back in most his fights while fighting yujiro but anyone with the last name Hanma and japenese cannot lose


  16. These answers are all wrong. The correct answer is that this sumo arc started with Sukune neg-diffing Oliva, and explaining that an “inverted triangle” shape (broad shoulders, thin waist) is the weakest possible build in ancient sumo, and that the “triangle” is the strongest and most stable body plan there is. Since all combat in this arc is being portrayed as some “variation of sumo”, Itagaki wrote himself into redoing all of the main cast’s body shapes (at least the characters that are supposed to be powerful) in order to fit with this new canon of “inverted triangle = bad, triangle = hood” power scaling. If you look at Yujiro’s new head + neck shape, where his neck is literally twice as thick as his head and his jaw for some reason is wider across than his forehead, you’ll see that Yujiro’s head/shoulders LITERALLY form an actual triangle, showing that he’s the strongest of all in all domains, even in ancient sumo. If they had kept his old body plan/profile, it would be depicting him as being weak to sumo, which he isn’t meant to be. In the world of sumo, thick = good and having a wider base = stability, so since this entire arc is taking place exclusively in the world of “sumo”, strong characters are drawn thick and weak characters are drawn with the old body plan.

  17. Yujiro’s waist has always been incredibly small compared to everything else so this is very weitd

  18. You only just now figured it out because they made it harder to do.

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