1. They're so funny. I have one who comes to watch me garden in case I find him a treat.

  2. Reminds me of the Devondale milk logo.

  3. I was going to say it looks like it's trying to sell butter.

  4. Oh fuck off dude honestly you dont have to find a reason to hate on every fucking clip you see. Go outside and get some air and get off reddit you goblin

  5. Do you not understand sarcasm without a "/s"?

  6. maybe they don’t. It’s not a crime

  7. Who said anything about it being a crime?

  8. So handsome. He's got that nonchalant, staring into the distance down.

  9. NPR mentioned they were trying to get it into the annual special Christmas humor edition of the British medical journal, which is probably good incentive for British people to do weird studies.

  10. This study came out of the Queensland Children's Hospital in Australia. Source: I worked with these people.

  11. If this is in WA by any chance could I ask the name of the spot?

  12. It's Queensland sorry. Rifle range beach in Bundaberg. I miss WA beaches though

  13. It's a fungus of some description. Those little black balls will be the fruiting bodies.

  14. Why does it look like you ate the rest already? 😬

  15. I plated it up after putting on the dressing. That's when I found him.

  16. Too late! Didn't think of it at the time.

  17. Located in Brisbane south east Queensland Australia

  18. I disagree with this advice. Mow it long, as high as your mower will allow. This helps suppress short/low growing weeds and makes your grass more resilient to drying out because it supports deeper roots and shades the soil from the sun.

  19. You are very welcome! I just found this post while randomly scrolling.

  20. It's dichondra repens. Also know as kidney weed. It's an Australian nature ground cover.

  21. A high fat diet can contribute to pancreatitis so I would stick with exactly what you're doing if he seems to be tolerating it. I have seen that feeding too many different kinds of food can lead to digestive discomfort so maybe gradually simplify things down to just the kibble with a little bit of other treats mixed in.

  22. Agree. One of our girls is really sensitive to fat. The other can tolerate it in small quantities. We give them kangaroo mince (because it is super lean) on their kibble. If we're still struggling with diarrhoea boiled chicken, rice, oat bran and potato for a week usually sorts them out.

  23. She will take all the love anyone can give. Quite alright.

  24. The spring loaded ears, what a gorgeous deep of a pup!

  25. Ok I use to work there a little before that but I think you are talking about the tomato relish that also went on the burgers. It was a mix of fresh tomatoes, tomato ketchup and BBQ sauce blitzed up together, sorry I can’t give ratios as we did 20lt buckets at a time( and it was many years ago) but I think it was equal amounts for the sauces. Sorry I can’t be more help

  26. Oh interesting. I could have sworn it was a yellow/green colour and had bits of onion and stuff in it but it's also been a long time.

  27. Many thanks. Indi had been "talking" to me all day until I relented and took her for another walk so she'll survive.

  28. Check out RexSpecs. They're the civilian version of protective eyewear developed for military working dogs. I've found them to be well reviewed, but I was looking at their protective earwear for my hunting dog, so I can't comment on their eyewear personally.

  29. We use RexSpecs. They fit fine but the real benefit is the lenses are exchangeable because they will get scratched. A lot. Check some of my posts to see Lupe in her very stylish goggles.

  30. I put vinegar in a sprayer and on a hot day with no chance of rain for another few days I give them a squirt. You still have to do it a few times because there will be seeds all through your soil but at least it's not roundup and it doesn't seem to affect neighbouring plants.

  31. I used this just once and have not seen a gnat since:

  32. I have "pruned" multiple essentially back to ground level or a small stump and they reshoot. Depends if you like the underlying existing shape or you want to turn then into small bushes but they can take some punishment.

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