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  1. As pedestrian crossings go, that's a nice pedestrian crossing.

  2. Looks like a nice place to live. Human scale but not sprawling. Sort of looks like a cross between Charleston and maybe a small French city. Lovely work.

  3. We’ve got the same bland/structured building style in the Netherlands. I life in an area, on reclaimed land, build after WW2.

  4. I thought the Netherlands was paradise on earth!?! The schools are 10 miles away from the kids?

  5. This is lovely, but if cities provided these kinds of networks, how would the country prop up a car manufacturing industry that makes absolutely rubbish cars?

  6. You could divide your city into toll zones; vehicles must pass through a toll booth in order to cross zones.

  7. That's a good idea, but they take up a lot of space and don't fit in aesthetically with a historic city vibe. Would be better to have the option of a citywide electronic system.

  8. This is something I threw together in a few minutes.

  9. That's good, but it would have to be 'designed-in' with the city as you build. I was thinking of a system that could be retrofitted to an existing city, where the street layout dates from, say, pre-1900, and the authorities wanted to put people off driving by using fiscal measures. I might try a new city with the kind of principle you've shown, though.

  10. I try to keep it to a minimum, on the assumption that too many slow down the computer and/or game. Currently got about 3 separate cities saved, with maybe 3 versions of the one I'm currently working on. I sometimes upload a savegame to the workshop so I can come back to it another time, but often if too many assets this process fails unfortunately so I have to say goodbye to it forever. Biggest saved city at moment nearly covers 25 tiles and is about 480,000 pop (with no pop mods).

  11. Wouldn't it be more efficient for them to be shared so that when not in use, someone else can use it?

  12. "Look, if I'd wanted fries, I would've asked for fries!"

  13. That is one cool-looking city, and that train doesn't f**k around!

  14. If I'm building a seriously big city, I agree with your logic - underground metros take up virtually no space and so make more sense than ground level rail. But in my current city, which is quite little, I've got local rail routes linking the central station to outlying settlements that have little village stations, just because they look cute and charming.

  15. I flit from bit to bit as ideas come into my head. It's slow-going, but I get there in the end. If I don't try an idea as soon as I think of it, I tend to forget it, so have to either do it in-game, or at least sketch it on paper to be implemented later.

  16. People are forced to own cars because of the way cities are laid out, which is itself the result of cars, so no.

  17. If you want them to use the train there's nothing better to do than improving the network

  18. Or not providing them with an enormous multi-lane road that basically says 'drive'.

  19. I would count trains from an official pack as normal gameplay.

  20. Vehicles of the World. Adds bullet, high-speed and commuter trains buses, including a very useful 'super bendy', some new police, fire and ambulance choices, and a couple others I think. Very handy.

  21. Ah, thanks - had a little look at the YouTube video of it. Looks pretty good, although bullet trains would only really come into their own I think if you could build multiple cities in a region and link them by high speed rail.

  22. I like the corner buildings. Unfortunately if you play without mods you get a mish-mash of the wall to wall buildings, making it look a bit messy.

  23. Thats why its funny, however it appears the name goes back to the middle ages when it was named “Middleton Keynes” and was shortened.

  24. Yes, I just looked that up and apparently the economists thing is a myth.

  25. Well, with the greatest respect, you've ignored the river! It would be better to have fewer bridges and to make a feature of the waterfront - villas fronting it, and/or a quay or walkway alongside.

  26. I've always wanted to use quays, but the concept is just so terrifying... what if something floods? What if it just turns out ugly?

  27. My method is to use Avanya's quays from the workshop. They've got pathways built in. And they look good. Use Move It and network anarchy to get them level and in exact position. You might get a bit of temporary localised flooding as the water re-adjusts, but it'll soon settle. I find they work well for inner/old parts of cities, but suburbs probably more likely to have 'wild' riverbanks.

  28. This is what the suburbs of most of my cities in Cities:Skylines look like - filtered permeability - pedestrians and cyclists can get through at the end of the street, but not motor vehicles. Pretty much a perfect design for residential suburbs; although a local shop and workplace or two wouldn't go amiss. 👌

  29. Looks lovely! The city walls look great, especially with the lighting. One question - on the pic titled 'Statue Square', you've got the walls on the side of the staircase exactly aligned at perfect angles - how do you do that??!! When I use a network wall, it goes a bit wavy - are you using props with special angles?

  30. Thanks! :) The stairs are part of the building itself. Building pack called "Lugo Roman Walls"

  31. I found the other day that an Algernon mod (surface painter fix) showed a number, and wasn't working, because it depended on another mod (extra landscaping tools) in order to work. Check the mod description on its workshop page for any dependencies, and that should sort it.

  32. Very nearly every save is recoverable. Have you followed the steps in the thread pinned at the top of the subreddit? Do you have logs to share?

  33. I feel a bit silly now as I realised when reading through the pinned post on troubleshooting that there might be a network type missing, and sure enough, it was a missing/disabled road asset. Savegame is now successfully loaded, if a little laggy, but that might just be a couple of conflicting mods. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! 👍

  34. Made with PO? The way it merges with the adjacent blue building is very interesting

  35. Watching them cross that monstrosity gives me anxiety.

  36. No, for streets like that, you need streets to not be like that.

  37. This is what happens when some people don't understand the actual meaning of the word 'freedom'.

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