1. this feels like a ridiculous argument between friends that was turned into a reddit poll to see who’s right

  2. clears Smithereens* don’t act like Joji never dropped BALLADS 1 lmao don’t get me wrong I love that Yachty’s branching out and trying new things, honestly I’d love for Joji to try some new shit too, but we ain’t gonna sit here and act like Smithereens represents Frank’s whole career

  3. dancingbacons is a food channel but i think they fit this description perfectly

  4. the last one was seven samurai in november, but goodfellas came very close

  5. days of being wild by wong kar-wai is just as good as his famous films

  6. these will fuck up your spotify wrapped trust me

  7. not to crush spirits but rivers has been letting an AI run his twitter for the past few months. his AI has promised collabs with just about every single artist and band, including ecco2k and onerepublic, but really it’s just a bot trained to talk in a “cool” tone. there’s articles about it:

  8. acting like rivers himself isn’t an ai 🙄🙄

  9. Just wanted to remind y'all that I am a real human being, not some advanced AI. Nothing beats the organic creativity and emotions that come with being a living, breathing musician #notanAI #realmusic

  10. i say this a lot but shunji iwai boxset is forever my greatest hope that i know will never happen.

  11. What does it achieve if Criterion distributed the films you listed? They all already have multiple releases, including HD, and if they don't already have 4K they absolutely will in the next couple of years.

  12. news flash: shrek is better than your favorite film. only reason it’s not in there is because it’s better than the garbage criterion puts out 😂

  13. the ones that i’ve never heard of because obviously my lack of knowledge means it’s bad

  14. 100% of the same people who were upset about anthropomorphized candies being drawn with different shoes will also be upset that Mars hired a black woman to be their public face. I mean good try, candy company, but it won't help. It's too late for those people.

  15. i was quite upset at the rebrand, but because it was a desperate attempt to cover up their child slavery labor and also it doesn’t help that many of the changes read like a right-wing parody of gen z, not because of the fears of that idiotic tucker carlson

  16. bitter fuck would be the lead singer of a pop punk band that has like 47 diff SA allegations against him and is just a horrible person in general

  17. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  18. meet the robinsons made me cry so hard when i was young. i haven’t seen it since but i believe my young self

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