1. Speaking off.. Is Jersey Jerry really 27?

  2. I don't blame it on the last drive but..we gotta admit that Belichik's conservative playcalling has costed him some games in recent history

  3. is there a vegetarian version of the turducken? like an impossible turducken?

  4. Brian Daboll looks like he takes off his shirt whenever he's shitting

  5. Brian Daboll looks like a guy with a short, but thick penis

  6. -The goal of football is to play with da ball

  7. Wait...is MJF really not going to be on the show tonight??

  8. lol, i saw that Nadal/Alcaraz thread now

  9. Oh, this is fantastic, I can't believe this wasn't released until now. Love it!

  10. I'd like to know if there was a way to see when did one sub to the subreddit, cause I genuinely don't know.

  11. I wonder who the person was who made this sub

  12. Tbh I am only scared of the 49ers and Cowboys.

  13. It's crazy that he is unironically considered a Chelsea legend despite the time he spent in Arsenal.

  14. What happened with that NFL/2k sports project?

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