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  1. If you’re willing to travel up to NH, I know a great one in southern NH. She’s probably a little over an hour from Boston.

  2. thank you but unfortunately I don't have a car

  3. Indistinct instrumental music playing in white noise

  4. Had this since I was a kid, without the white noise bit though. The voices were nice then and used to sing to me.

  5. I've been on 800mg an and experienced sedation but no other major side effect. It wasn't very effective for me though.

  6. NF has lyrics that talk about psychosis.

  7. It took me 7 years to get my bachelor's due to this illness but now I'm in my first job out of college making six figures working full time and enjoying my hobbies, despite being in and out of hospitals.

  8. Wow that makes me feel better I started college at 21 and I’m about to get my associates while being on and off in school but I get into a university starting the beginning of next year so it took 3 years to get my associates and it will probably take another 3 years to get my bachelors lol thank you this make me feel better cause I can take my time too lol

  9. Me too, I spent all of June in a psych ward, been in and out of hospitals for 7 years but I'm doing so much better now. Somehow throughout all this I managed to earn my bachelor's of science, land and not get fired from a job that pays six figures and has excellent benefits, and develop meaningful friendships while enjoying hobbies.

  10. I was on 8mg mostly to help me sleep after a manic episode. Didn't do shit.

  11. Scariest part is when you said that they follow you everywhere 😳 does it happen all the time?

  12. Yes it did up until a few weeks ago when I started ECT

  13. It might be working but it doesn't fix everything for me, been on it for 4 years. Blookwork becomes whatever after a while.

  14. When it is bad, screaming all day every day. Currently in remission- no hallucinations at all.

  15. I'm a software engineer. Studies took forever because of SZA but I was able to study on my own for a lot of it. Now I have a full time job that is very understanding and flexible with my constant hospitalizations. Not to mention the salary and perks are awesome. Feel free to pm me.

  16. Hey there, not any immediate advice from me, but just letting you know I'm happy to see trans people feeling comfortable doing fencing. If you're anywhere near the vaguely Missouri'ish area, get in touch with the Amateur Fencing Association! Lots of good fencers and connections, and it's led by a transgender woman -- me. :)

  17. Cool! Unfortunately I'm not in that area but it's good to know resources exist.

  18. Make sure to work on footwork, and have fun! I hope you find the fencing community to be welcoming and friendly.

  19. decided to start being active on this reddit since i really have no other place to go where people can relate to my experiences. im on my last semester of college after 6 years going in and out. this last semesters been hard. unfortunately ive had to disclose my diagnosis so my professors could take my accommodations seriously...you would think teachers at an ivy would be able to understand...but from what i learned, their mental health system is utter shit...

  20. Congratulations on making it this far! I graduated from a "top" school a year and a half ago as a first generation and it took me 7 years. Sza doesn't make things easy but you are almost done and that is amazing, you should feel proud of yourself.

  21. I returned to work this week after a month out (hospital then PHP). I think I performed ok.

  22. I often get voices telling me that I need to kill myself to save others.

  23. I've been on the following without weight gain: Seroquel, Abilify, Perphenazine, Haldol, Clozapine, Thorazine

  24. Thanks so much. I'll take this to my psychiatrist :)

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