1. I think about this every day and now I dont know. I just spent a week convincing myself that people couldnt read my mind then my sister started singing a song that I was singing in my head. She started singing it from the part of the song that I was up to as well. Im scared

  2. Benzema. Ik he isnt the most expensive but he is the type of striker that I need. I have a short pacey and agile striker that can wiggle and weave his way through the defence. Im aware toty benz can also do this but I really want a natural finisher that I can just slam power shots in with. Plus he wont leave the team for the entire year

  3. Bought one before the game came out for 2k on web app. Hes in my club until I need to use him. I knew they would be extinct because of the new chem and since theres only like 1 or 2 brazilian managers in the game lol.

  4. Haaland has been good and I definately see him getting a toty next year but I think valverde deserves it more. He was kinda robbed with bellingham getting one instead of him

  5. Laudrup 90. Not playing fifa for a week so they give me good pack luck

  6. Laudrup is THE BEST midfielder in the game bro

  7. I wanted to be a pilot but now I want to be an engineer

  8. Looks great. Could keep him till tots, solid card but just expensive. Reminds me of flashback griezmann last year price/useablitiy wise

  9. Bit disappointed in some of the ratings. I think bellingham shoudlve been 94 and theo 95. Also benzema 99 or 98

  10. Its weird. Some games I will feel like some of my players were nerfed and some games they feel normal

  11. Just dont do gamble sbcs. You will be surprised how much fodder you have

  12. OTW last year was the 🐐. I remember buying it for like 50k more than his gold card just because I thought it looked pretty. (It was my first ultimate team)

  13. Shouldve been valverde or mane. Mane couldve been the bundesliga option they chose plus he actually deserves one.

  14. Couldve just put mane instead of bellingham. He deserves it more

  15. It just doesnt make sense because it used to work fine in fifa 21 and halfway through 22

  16. Check your attacking custom tactics. Having fast buildup and foward runs can open you up to easy counter attacks. You may not have put those on but the game will change them to that itself. Its a glitch that happened to me and if thats happening to you then you can just make a new squad thats the exact same as your current one and re do the custom tactics. Hope this helps

  17. The last game you need for promotion you will always play against someone already in that division, so you've been losing to div 4 people this whole time

  18. If you look in the top right you have enough coins to do him twice.

  19. Im saving coins cause if I don’t pack toty , I can maybe buy a toty.

  20. Fair enough. Maybe from now on open half the pack you earn so you have some income of fodder and you are still saving packs. Thats what I do when I save packs atleast

  21. Whoever your team needs more. I would go cap for my team since voller would start over politano who is already good but cap would start over potm valverde which is a wayyy bigger upgrade 4 me

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