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  1. Oh. Yeah the Johnson. Fucking love that gun.

  2. I think it would be wonderful to add an Assault of a Police Officer felony charge and a Property Damage with Prior Intent felony charge to his other 30 charges. But maybe it's just me...

  3. I hope he tries to run and they have eyes on him the entire time.

  4. This comment makes me feel icky. There is no substitute for a good screen and inputs like a mouse and keyboard.

  5. Very true, but for me there’s just not enough activity to warrant getting a new computer. I’ve been a brewer for many years and before that I was in government contracting. When I went into brewing my home comouter was already old and obselete and when I realized I just never touched it anymore I got rid of it. 9yrs later I still don’t have one and if I absolutely need one I just use the wife’s computer.

  6. My wife owns one that she uses daily, I use it once every 5-6mos.

  7. Not only that, he also wrote several country songs for famous artists. Sometimes the songs were dirty, lol. One of the bigger songs he wrote was, “A Boy Named Sue” Johnny Cash sang it.

  8. Counter to his long history at Playboy, he gained a large following of readers from his collections of poetry and stories such as “The Giving Tree,” and “Where The Sidewalk Ends.” As these became popular “best seller” items, he found that some children readers found his photo “scary.” His publisher changed the photo on the rear of the books to a different pose.

  9. He was also a songwriter. Dude wrote a lot of music for Dr. Hook.

  10. Anyone think Trump knows what a Third World nation is?

  11. The original intended meaning of a Third World or the more widely accepted and used meaning?

  12. What do you mean with recent? After The Life Aquatic there was The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom and Darjeeling Limited, which I think are not only great Movies, but also very human and human centric in dialog and theme.

  13. For me they just went downhill after Bottle Rocket. I mean, it’s landscaping…not just mowing.

  14. I did it, never stuck together, lasted what felt like forever.

  15. Futurama did it already... Bender only got 3rd place.

  16. I don't know anyone who has attended or whose kids attend a school that's had a shooting that I'm aware of. Active shooters are still really rare.

  17. We had a pretty big night club shooting about a mile from our house a couple years ago. Not a school shooting, I know, but it still makes me nervous to send her to school knowing that it’s already happened around here.

  18. The best part is how only dad gets a silencer. The rest of the family just gets greased after they reveal their locations in his power fantasy I guess.

  19. $20 says that coward would shit his fucking pants if anyone pulled a gun on him.

  20. Our daughter heads off to kindergarten in the fall…I am very much not excited about it at all.

  21. Sounds about right, he wrestled at 134lb:

  22. Graham High School, should’ve known. Nothing about pollitics…Graham was always known for their wrestling.

  23. So when are we going to start banning minors from attending church? These sick people want to expose our children to the pornographic bible, even force them to listen to passages, and children are molested by the pedo priests. Not a safe place for children.

  24. If the ban on the Bible actually goes through based on the banning cirriculum, then I see no reason why someone can’t use that ruling as a basis to go this route.

  25. Hopefully altafiber. I'm currently getting taken advantage of by Spectrum.

  26. Same, I’m right in that neighborhood and my options are Spectrum or ATT with 25mbps.

  27. “I’m buffering.” Holy shit, as someone else with Tourette’s and a sense of humor that fucking slayed me. 🤣🤣 Loved the full set.

  28. That was the biggest TIL on this post for me.

  29. He’s a good kid though, stuck up for the smaller guy even if it meant getting hit himself. I respect him.

  30. He would’ve had him if he included the bully’s right arm in the lock and used more leverage on his hip to flip the kid over his shoulder.

  31. in germany you only need to have a place to live. Those suckers would probably find your tent in the alps to send you a bill

  32. Alright, I’ve gotta ask…what the hell are you all talking about? TV fee???

  33. Everybody puts all the seats down when they’re done…problem solved.

  34. Same. And he is rich enough or has friends rich enough or followers will pay to have his bail met so it isn’t like he is going to even lay his head down in a jail cell.

  35. Dude is such a flight risk. If they’re going to actually go through with the whole thing they’d have to assume he will run the second they let him out of their sight.

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