1. Is there anyplace we can buy replacement stands for the ships other than hoping they show up on eBay? I have a dozen or so ships but two of them have had their stands broken and since they're all custom to their ships, I can't find anything that'll work as replacements...

  2. i cant understand this omg can u please expound on it bc im thinking, what if we fire a photon through space and it travels through nothingness for, say, 500 light years, surely it has experienced time if it travelled that long? thank you!!!

  3. As you go faster and faster and approach the speed of light, time slows down and mass increases. So when you reach the speed of light, time stops and mass is infinite. Photons are massless so it doesn’t matter here, but as far as photons are concerned there’s no such thing as time.

  4. Oh this sucks. We went there like 10 times during the lockdown.

  5. I used to listen to his stand up on Sirius xm’s comedy channels and he had entertaining stories about his kids and his marriage. Charming stuff even. Then one day his routine was all about the vaccines and I was like “wtf happened to this guy?” Huge bummer.

  6. If you took anything from the zone home (a tv for example) would it be dangerous?

  7. A sense of being content with what you have.

  8. Do playgrounds usually have things that can accommodate wheelchairs and such?

  9. Being patriotic. Used to be that if you were patriotic you were just proud of your country. Now it means you're a crazy person.

  10. If your account is terminated, it will never be activated.

  11. I’m told it’s deactivated. Is that the same as terminated?

  12. How dare you suggest the South is racist! harrumph harrumph harrumph Trump

  13. How does Empire magazine always get the best pics?

  14. This scene was NOT heartbreaking it was frustrating and stupid.

  15. its like watching a movie narrated by Morgan Freeman, except that I am playing the Morgan Freeman role

  16. And this never stops? Like, after you typed that comment, did you sit back and say “I typed a Reddit comment” to yourself?

  17. The main idea behind the unification of fundamental forces is that ultimately each force is a manifestation of the same underlying field1, they just act differently because they operate under different symmetries. A symmetry in physics is just a transformation on something that leaves it like it was before - a geometric example is rotating a perfect sphere. Sure, you technically rotated it, but it looks identical to how it did before you did so - like a sphere. Another example is if you painted the entire sphere another color. It's still still has all of looks of a sphere, so nothing of note really changed.

  18. This is what the jnternet has done to peoples brains.

  19. I very much do not understand what I’m looking at. A pretzel with hands maybe?

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