South Korea [2] - 1 Portugal - Hee-Chan Hwang 90+1'

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[Piers Uncensored] Cristiano Ronaldo tells Piers Morgan he feels like he's being forced out of Manchester United in an explosive interview.

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  1. That’s not offside. Also never a pen in the first place. Terrible refereeing and even worse use of VAR. what a shitshow.

  2. He literally didn’t make any contact with the player at all. How can it be a penalty.

  3. Bidets are a must have for me. I have one in my apartment. My clean arse experience after each bowel movement is beyond satisfaction.

  4. I used a bidet once on holidays. The feeling of the warm water running down my balloon knot reminded me too much of when I have the scuts the morning after a long night of deepthroating pints of Guinness.

  5. Fastest pace of action? What about hockey?

  6. Fastest pace of action you say? Let me introduce you to the great Irish sport of Hurling.

  7. How can you possibly tell? The man didn't have an ounce of fat on his body since we last seen him at Chelsea.

  8. You think Man City owners have been paying their players from the clubs finance's over all these years?

  9. Reddit loves to hate on YouTube premium for some reason, but I'm pretty happy with it. Ad free is great, I like being able to download videos, and I listen to YouTube music all the time.

  10. YouTube premium is great on phone too. Let's minimize the video you are watching and browse your phone.

  11. Sounds like something that shouldn't be reported about. Complete non story.

  12. He was born to fight. Between his wingspan, his massive hands and his huge fucking head it's like Dana White 3D printed him.

  13. Is a bigger head not a bigger target?

  14. While we are on Ireland. One of the most amazing things I've heard is this. Ireland were 4-0 down to Spain after a miserable EURO 2012 tournament and the Irish fans sang "The Fields of Athenry" for nearly 10 minutes straight. Unbelievable moment.

  15. His passing and goalkeeping is holding up quite well this season despite all his haters saying he was going to be gone by now since Ten Hag would hate him

  16. His passing has held up because of the instructions he is being given. He will only pass short when it is 100% safe to do so. Any sort of pressure and he goes long. In the first 2 games of the season before Ten hag properly knew his limitations he was instructed to always pass short and we all seen when happened vs Brentford. Since then he's looked comfortable on the ball but only because they have been smart about it.

  17. This is why the whole world needs to boycott this world cup. Don't watch it and don't support it.

  18. Didn’t he pick Bellingham? Plus it’s something every national team does. Sané left City to Bayern so he’d get called up more

  19. I mean Sancho was in the England team when he was at Dortmund. Hasn't got in it since coming back to England. Makes that guy's comment completely pointless.

  20. Yep I can sense it coming hours beforehand. I can't even explain the feeling but I just know it's coming. I know exactly what triggers them for me. Dehydration, hunger, extensive exercise (that's probably hydration too now that I think about it) and alcohol (hangover the next day).

  21. Of all the reasons to dislike Ronaldo him leaving to a bigger club isn't one of them lol

  22. Exactly. There's 100 things he can be criticized for and this isn't one of them. Madrid was his dream club and he even delayed it by 1 year after Fergie asked him to stay. I'm a Man Utd fan too. Baffling comment.

  23. He quickly called out to monaco incident, what happened during the monaco quali

  24. for the fans? always glad to see a new face amongst those rich “big 6” clubs who are at the top only because of money.

  25. So how exactly do you think Newcastle are going to do it? Would it be money by any chance?

  26. One thing I noticed he told to think of a number between 1 and 20, or 20 and 70 and the guy chose 21. It seems to say the words one and twenty, it somehow tricks the brain to select either 21 or 27.

  27. Also if you look at 7.32 after he asks Penn to tell him to stop when he wants. The magician points to Penn as if to say stop now. I'm guessing there's some sort of psychology to that also that puts it in his head to say stop now.

  28. I know the gambling controversy didn't help, but he is just as good if not better than Wilson, and a better player to have in the squad for future development

  29. And also there's a high chance Wilson's hamstrings decide they want out.

  30. Shit this was almost considered lost media congrats on finding and posting it, I’d keep a copy on stand by in case YouTube nukes it for whatever reason

  31. How is this up on YouTube with nudity? Does it take them a while to remove it or what?

  32. Other than the M16 it wasn’t too big of an issue. Hell in that garbage game vanguard you had to get 5 kills without dying. PAIN. Can’t remember how many times

  33. Is the m16 that bad? I used it for a couple games yesterday and it felt quite good.

  34. He also has his players who he trusts. Who have performed for him in the past. You can't just pick a full squad based on form or you will never have any sort of consistency. You need a good balance of tried and trusted with form.

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