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  1. Well Ironically, most of the positive responses that I'm getting are from women

  2. I enjoy seeing some how some things get invented at the same time by independent inventors. IIRC the microphone/speaker was one such invention.

  3. When I was five, I imagined that there was such a thing as a unicorn. And this was before I had even heard of one, or seen one. I just drew a picture, of a horse, that could fly over rainbows, and a had a huge spike in its head. I was five! Five-years-old. Couldn't even talk yet.

  4. Hopefully they announce ultimate alliance 4 with cross play

  5. Why did I read this in Will Ferrell’s voice?


  7. pretty awesome that this post is at 0.. someone felt the need to downvote you for asking for help lol

  8. it's so weird seeing their jobs instead of who their bestie is on the graphic

  9. Don't like this, guy got busted for roiding and after what happened to Tatis, I don't think we want that in our organization.

  10. If I hadn’t just wanted the Tell All, I would’ve thought that was COLTEE!! 🐐🐐🐐😂😂😂😂

  11. When he came out in that stupid ass hat and the long curls, it’s all I could think of lol

  12. It blows my mind how many people comment as though what we’re watching isn’t completely scripted

  13. All I have to comment is that he was 37 during the disaster.

  14. He was dominating up until he turned 37 and that one fan aggressively wished his mom a happy Mother’s Day

  15. Sorry I zoned out, did you say penn jellete is down with the clown?

  16. Was that point in your life perhaps in an earlier time where $1,000 had more purchasing power?

  17. Listen bud my great great grandfather lived on 1k a month just fine so these millennials should be able to also! Nobody wants to work these days!1!

  18. There is one in Friends where Rachel and Joey are supposed to be on a boat, but everything is wrong: the green screen, the lighting, the wind, EVERYTHING

  19. I thought maybe he was letting autofill finish his sentences. Like those things where you start with a prompt and then just see where your phone takes you.

  20. If I knew passing words with black made me an on the the attack while shooting snooty wanted to play bye booby.

  21. You’re not alone. It’s just my wife and I but we shop at Whole Foods and it’s still like $500 a month. We get enough for dinner and leftovers for lunch the next day

  22. It definitely is. I was given a $50 gift card and realized within minutes why I don't shop there.

  23. I would definitely never do my main shopping at a Whole Foods lol.. seems like for people in NYC or LA it might be a good option

  24. It’s really fucking weird how many comments there are saying this is a really sick burn. Seems tame as fuck

  25. You know, these people's obsession with child porn is really starting to get upsetting.

  26. Definitely more to the story. He didnt even tell her that he has a girlfriend who lives with him. He also didnt tell you he is in contact with her. Then he gives her his address and all of a sudden you are blocked. If shes just a friend, there would be no reason to block you. If he's not already cheating on you, it looks like that's where its heading.

  27. 40 years old pulling this shit too. I can’t imagine putting up with this at that age

  28. Another entry for my list of 2022 video game heartbreak. Guess it's back to modding Skyrim for me.

  29. Trying to teach my man how to not look like an idiot and he says it’s not useful :(

  30. I love how people on this subreddit love correcting my grammar instead of replying with something useful…

  31. He didn't really get a chance. He also went to the NBA too young and he couldn't shoot. He wasn't really ready for NBA at the time.

  32. It’s crazy that (arguably) the three best players in the world right now are European. Who would have ever believed that the top three guys would be from Slovenia, Serbia, and Greece

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