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AITA for not wanting to go to my brother's wedding because my stepson isn't invited?

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  1. And chondrichthyes--cartilagenous fish (sharks, skates), and agnatha--prehistoric fish and some current ones, all jawless. Think round hole mouths.

  2. Only gotta make one bad call to get herpes, 6 kids is a clear lifestyle choice.

  3. It’s not a bad call to have sex with someone who has herpes. Most people have some form of herpes. And when I say most i mean over 80%. If you said absolutely no partners who have ever had a cold sore in their live you’d be hard pressed to find people to date. People need to stop treating herpes like it’s leprosy.

  4. Some people think that everyone else is a lot more oblivious than they actually are. Probably that AND a combination of not caring as much as a normal person. I was camping once, well it was a cabin so idk if that counts as camping, and I was sharing the cabin with a few friends. Not a large place, and the woods next to a lake are like dead silent at night. Then shortly after laying down I start hearing “mmmmph, mmmph, mmmmmph” and a squishing sound. Gee, I wonder what that could be

  5. Yo I got you this ring so it's a yes or what? Hurry up and answer, it only took me ten years and I'm filming you with the all the lights in your face and yeah I planned this all out special like, with you driving in shredded jeans and flat shoes. Hold up hold up, let's do this in the McDrivethru so I can see your face. Oh you wanna go home and pack up? Well at least pay me back for the non refundable 5% deposit then. Nevermind, forget it, I'll just sell your hair.

  6. Paul Dano. His father is a financial advisor, but he did not make a ton of money as he was growing up. Even though they lived in Manhattan in a one bedroom. Him & his sister had bunk beds in the same room as his parents.

  7. And she thinks this is a cute little anecdote that makes her look ~dark~ and totally not like other girls? It's like, "Girl, you're literally a Disney kid on a knock-off version of That's So Raven - calm down! You're about as edgy as a sphere!"

  8. But you gotta say sphere and not spear

  9. Hahahahahah what an autocorrect fail - it changed it from an insult to a compliment!

  10. Part of this mindset will fall away naturally as you age. You also identified needing to move out and have more day-to-day stuff going on like hobbies. Those are both great ideas.

  11. I wouldn't mind that. I'm just not always home on time for that to be feasible.

  12. Yea, unfortunately I have to work closely with him too, so I don’t want to make anything awkward which is why I’ve been avoiding to address it. He seems like a nice enough guy… but he’s also married, he’s aware of me being in a relationship, and he’s also like 15 years older than me - while I always think age is just a number… he needs to back off…

  13. Because I have a really long torso and hated having my fucking asscrack out all the goddamn time.

  14. Hey there, good to see you here. Therapy is awesome, you should do it. My advice for you as someone who went to therapy for years is to make sure you have the right therapist for you. You should feel comfortable confiding in them without judgement. You should never feel pressured to agree with them but allowed to come to your own conclusions and take action when you are ready. Treat it like a job interview or a date. And recognize that things might work for a while and then you might need to move on to someone else or a different type of therapy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  15. Every time I hear about her and sardines (not the first time they’ve been mentioned the same article), I always think of that scene in the Tom Hanks movie the ‘burbs, where he’s offered a sardine loll

  16. What’s the other sardines story?! Are sardines a common thing in Canada or is it just this lady?

  17. OOP’s husband is a nasty piece of crap. That type of insidious abuse is so fucking triggering for me and holy shit I’m so mad for her. I want her to get away from him. Now.

  18. He enjoyed watching her spiral after his negging. And is "shocked" she felt like he was being abusive. Yeah right

  19. No, I’m sure he was shocked. They never think they’re abusive. Mainly because they don’t think of their partner as a person with real feelings.

  20. This is my favorite comment. “It’s their wedding”, then why do they give a shit if the brother doesn’t wanna go. It’s child free, your kid can’t come, if that’s a problem, I don’t expect you to be there. (That’s a how a reasonable person thinks)

  21. It’s my wedding so I get to tell you how to live your life while you are attending my wedding. That’s not a toxic mindset at all. OP’s brother isn’t telling him not to marry his fiancée or be a stepparent. He’s just saying he can’t bring his stepson to the wedding that is child free for everyone. And also, it really seems like the biggest issue is that OP is offended that he can’t bring his stepson to the child free wedding.

  22. This myth that people lose control of themselves is beyond infuriating. Like yes I can understand in times of crisis or charged emotions people can do things they wouldn’t in normal situations. That’s fine, shit happens.

  23. Their lawyer claimed they're non-binary to avoid hate crime accusations though. Even though it clearly is one

  24. You can commit hate crimes against groups you are a part of. How many closeted men participated in gay bashing to draw attention away from themselves? How many women condone their rapist partners or even participate themselves? Whether or not they are enby is fucking irrelevant if they targeted people for their gender identity and sexuality, which they pretty clearly did. Anyone can be a monster to anyone, there is no limit.

  25. As a Taylor fan, you’re not wrong. I like Midnights but I was bamboozled when I heard it. I skipped everyone to see if the sound was anything like I thought it would, but realized it wasn’t. Gave it a chance and now I like it.

  26. Had a few friends who went to just about every BLM protest they could. It’s becoming more and more common for people to show up to protests rocking homemade body armor to soften the blows from batons and flash bangs(An old bestie got hit in the ribs by one and was saved by her own body armor,) as well as people coming with coolers that have milk for pouring on pepper spray victims, and some people even bring traffic cones to drop on gas canisters.

  27. I said this on another post but might as well repeat it here - I can’t legally own a gun because I have a medical marijuana card, but guarantee that at least 30% of those proud boy bitches have DV records and can get as many guns as they want. It’s fucking bullshit.

  28. I feel like that’s a case that the Supreme Court would take and rule the right way.

  29. It’s like that because weed is federally illegal, which is annoying. I’m not even sure that it will change once weed is federally legal.

  30. Girl this is obviously edited af don't compare yourself to this

  31. Also, she probably took a ton of photos to get the right one. Most of us are just snapping one or two and then picking the best one. It’s not the same.

  32. Fuck. You know Aritzia has you in a chokehold when you instantly recognize the Santorini sweater

  33. Lmaooooooooo I used to be in such an Aritzia chokehold omg. Maybe it’s just that I’m older now but I never shop there anymore. All their pieces look generic. It used to be that I could go in and get these amazing statement pieces and unique looks that you couldn’t find in other stores. Now to me it all just looks like overly expensive basics.

  34. Why are we letting them get away with it? It’s mind boggling how bad they’ve become and how mainstream their lunacy is now. It’s normal

  35. Because we’ve created echo chambers. Somewhere else in some butthole corner of the internet a bunch of boomers and zealots are commiserating about how anyone could ever support abortion. And nary the twain shall meet.

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