1. The areas are dark but there may be a light source off camera that illuminates the rain. Now if it looks that bright without a light source illuminating it, then it's incorrect.

  2. I just feel like theirs a lot of copium / bias happening. The only one making excuses stating

  3. I don't really know about that. I'm just looking at it technically. Rain should interact with the environment to be believable, otherwise it's like a filter. And I think many people are missing the point because they're not even noticing that. They just see heavy, bright looking rain and think that's the problem.

  4. I actually want the remake to be even more different than what they've shown. I think if anything they're playing it too safe!

  5. You know what's funny? The RE8 face is the RE7 face, just slightly tweaked.

  6. Watch his eyes start to sparkle as soon as Ada steps in.

  7. Pathetic echo chamber of a subreddit that discourages individual thought.

  8. Yeah exactly this for me, first game was amazing full stop. Second game, some of the choices regarding structure and characters were terrible.

  9. TLOU2 actively hates the player, and games in general. And it's a hypocrite about it too, because it criticizes violence while incentivizing and rewarding violence. The best way I could describe it is the following: it treats the player like a dog to be taught tricks, and when the dog learns and performs the trick, the game punishes the dog for it.

  10. It gets hated for its manipulative, mean spirited story, bad pacing, bare bones gameplay, and for making people play half the game with a protagonist they hate in order to teach them a lesson and force a certain morality on them. It's not like there's a shortage of reasons to hate this game.

  11. Yeah I agree Resident Evil 6 could have been much more to me re6 was a wasted potential

  12. Maybe RE4R will be that great RE game that still has amazing gameplay despite being an RE game XD

  13. To be honest in my opinion Resident Evil 3 remake was a disappointing remake but a really fun game

  14. Whatever one's opinion is on it, I think it just has solid gameplay. I would like to see more of that, not less.

  15. It's beautiful. That's why I love the fight. He goes down quick, he doesn't take five minutes.

  16. Don't just deflect, you should mix up with some side step + counter attack and deflect + counter attack to deal some vitality damage as well. Here's a sample fight of mine where I used deflect + counter attack a lot:

  17. That's a wonderful example to make me think of this boss differently. Thanks. You are using his aggression against him.

  18. It used to be The First Hunter. But I think I’m gonna change it to Laurence the First Vicar. The organ is just incredible and the second half of the song literally gives me chills it’s so good

  19. That melody at the end is so good. Tragic and epic. Trepic.

  20. So many good OSTs from this masterpiece! My favorites are:

  21. You could have grappled back up as you were falling.

  22. I think that was the purpose--to show that irony.

  23. Love Sekiro. Not my favorite FS game. But that means nothing. It's still better than 98% of games.

  24. I'm genuinely at a loss for words because i was going to say some stupid joke or something but this is just so immensely cool that i dont even know what to say.

  25. What, platinuming all the games? Eh, it's not that major, lots of people do it. But it feels really good playing all these games multiple times, studying them, doing everything there is to be done, and then having something to show for it. It's why I like trophies--especially meaningful ones. And these ones are meaningful in my estimation.

  26. Wait let us hear your honest opinion about Sekiro though. If you found it just fine, then it can’t really be a 9/10.

  27. Oh, I don't mean it like that. I don't think it's 'just fine', I think it's a great game and I love it. I meant I thought I wouldn't like it but I ended up liking it just fine. Meaning most of my worries were alleviated. Not all of them, though.

  28. I genuinely like suzi and the majority of her content, but my problem is when people start parroting influencer opinions and trying to get validation for them without even questioning it. Like people on Twitter are genuinely worried the entire game is ruined because of this lol

  29. 'Influencer' opinions are no more valid than your own. Same goes for reviews. But people are insecure, ignorant, and in need of validation. It does not matter what TSH thinks. It does not matter what some review says. Literally, it doesn't matter. It means nothing with regard to what you think. But people have forgotten how to think...and so we have a problem.

  30. Isshin is such a good character. My favorite in Sekiro.

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