Club Q shooting suspect is nonbinary, defense attorneys say

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  1. It's interesting the people that think it doesn't really matter what the schools are named. In this age you have access to more information so that even though 50 years ago you may have gone there and you didn't know, in 2022 you do. And it matters.

  2. I see your point and would argue it still doesn’t matter. I went to Byrd Middle school, could easily google who Harry flood Byrd was and some of the things he did, and never once thought oh we should segregate schools again.

  3. What? Who said we should segregate schools again and it has not always been possible to Google stuff. And it wasn't that everyone was just ignorant and unaware of what Harry Byrd was, it was that they were disenfranchised felt they had no voice and couldn't do nothing about it. Now they know better. Stuff is not just relevant for your age group you know.

  4. I don't understand some of y'all thinking. What does it take from you to say good morning? I was raised to think it was simple courtesy but evidently simple courtesy is passé now. How you're not going to treat a person with civility, that you work probably 40 hours with.

  5. Where is this that the police don't file charges when someone gets stabbed and hospitalized? And then you continue to let him be around you. SMH. glad you're safe now

  6. You probably wouldn't fuck your Boyfriend three or four times a week and this dude is just a fuck boy. But you knew that. Kick him to the curb. You can always get another booty call.

  7. No. As usual we long for the good old days when shit goes south. It's an excellent source of information. Good and bad. It seems most people go for the bad.

  8. That worked out to less than $200oz. That's very reasonable.

  9. A lot of the same reason a lot of Americans say we hate China but 99% of our stuff was made there.

  10. I hope you had a nice long suspension. The lady was upset and he cracking jokes. Inappropriate stupid jokes at that. Like people haven't been killed by the police when they were called for other reasons.

  11. It seems that y'all be making stuff unnecessarily complicated. And I don't know why. After I hung them to dry, i then separated the buds put them in the jars with Boveda packs. If there's not enough room for you to shake it up then use more jars. And if it was wet enough to mold after you put it in the jar it definitely wasn't dry enough. I read to dry till the stem snaps. You then can put Boveda 62 packs in the jars.

  12. Honey all that drama and n you're only 18. You don't have time for petty foolishness. Let him be mad and go find a new boyfriend.

  13. Yes it fucking is. And I'm geriatric. Stop trying to mine for my damn information I'm sure you already have everything you need by now.

  14. That was a beautiful thing to do. They look so happy still. Tell them congratulations.

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