1. The Visa Process. Not sure on the complexity of other countries but in the UK, it's not as easy as the common folk believe.

  2. One of my closest friends has chronic migraines. It feels like everything triggers it.

  3. I always got the sense that Wednesday genuinely liked Tyler, but was uncomfortable with those feelings and didn’t know how/want to act on them. I think she was impressed by him in the initial Weathervane scene when he said he couldn’t be bought and that she’d have to wait for him if she wanted a ride—very few people have the guts to stand up to her in any substantial way.

  4. Some people are saying they were upset there was a love interest for Wednesday. I'm really glad there was one. I think it added to her character development, and it humanized her.

  5. Given that the minimum amount of leaves in Japan an employer can give is 10 days, and then adding 10 + x based on the number of years employees, that really is a lot of leaves to use.

  6. not a dumb question at all :) when you select the game you can see the play-button on the left and on the right you have a controller symbol. when you click on that you open the controls menu for that game. there you have the option to view the controller layout and to edit it. when you click on the current layout you can chose between templates and community layouts with L1 and R1. switch to community layouts and chose the one you like (unfortunately there is no preview so it‘s a bit trial and error.) I personally use the Devin‘s Coral Layout (with R Joystick Mouse). after you chose a layout you can alway edit it to remap buttons. you can also do this while in game (press the steam button and select controller settings) hope that helps :)

  7. Not to sound like a broken record, but have you bought any fossils from the black market and donated them to the museum?


  9. My number one FAVORITE is 711’s veggie sticks with miso dip. I randomly got it once, and even though I hardly eat convenience store foods anymore, I make a special trip to 711 a couple times a week to get these.

  10. How do people feel about Dr. Mike? I don't know much about him but I've heard his name. A quick google search tells me he dispelled covid myths early in the pandemic but then he went to a house party later in the year and then apologized. Seems like sort of a dubious character.

  11. Yeaaah. I was a bit disappointed to see Dr. Mike on their ETM. But it's not something I would stop watching the Del Taco.

  12. Filling the machine first thing in the morning can get you like two rounds in and gives you 40 scrap a day. After a few days I was swimming in it.

  13. Seconding this. What I do normally is start the scrap process before I sleep for the day. Then do some chores while it continues to churn more scrap.

  14. He left the social media position, but they have former co-workers from Buzzfeed in the videos all the time, and they just had Kaylin back for the diving video. There's no reason to think Jake left on bad terms with anyone except Ned.

  15. I don’t think the shade is up for debate. They paraded a skeleton with a fake butt around the office and the latest Twitter digs are more of the same. No hate to the new guy running the social medias, but please give him something else to post about. A thousand likes on a Twitter post today doesn’t translate to anything tomorrow. TTG have an 8 year legacy to protect and focusing only on being mad at Ned is not sustainable. He’s gone. You’re understandably upset. We’re upset, too. We also aren’t mentioning him half as often as your official company accounts. We’re sticking with you through clunkily edited or re-shot videos because we love you.

  16. As I mentioned, the shade only makes sense if there's context. It's probably about Ned, but to someone else it's just a weird skeleton. I don't think a sponsor (or anyone outside of the 2nd Try fandom) will read much into that.

  17. Kinda glad they're getting rid of Candid. The last one was not my favorite personally. But Zach did say he would likely do it ONE more time. So we'll see.

  18. I wanted to like Partner Track, but the first episode already made me uncomfortable. Seeing a woman in general automatically assumed to be a secretary in a meeting just put me off entirely. I get that the point was to show the writer's experience as a POC lawyer in a all-male white environment, with some other factors, but I don't know if it just struck a chord, or I just didn't want that kind of media to consume right now.

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