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Maybe maybe maybe

That's a little funny

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Hope to make it to the other side.

  1. I thought it autopopped? I haven't played Fall Guys since the new server came out, because I don't like autopops. Is that not the case?

  2. For the PS4 version, yes. That was also supposed to be the case with the PS5 version as well, but instead of auto popping, it makes the PS5 trophies glitched.

  3. I'm not a huge fan of midsommar, but I had no complaints about her performance in it

  4. Didn't know you could date Torvi from Vikings in this game.

  5. They flip a coin to decide whether to make a cinematic masterpiece or the biggest pile of dogshit you’ve ever seen. The same studio that made Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, this, HTTYD, etc. made Trolls, Boss Baby, Shrek 3, etc.

  6. While not as good as the first two, Shrek 3 and forever after were both great. I'll die on that hill

  7. I just watched all of them again a couple of years ago, and I personally prefer 3 to 4. 4 is probably "better" but 3 was funnier and more fun to watch

  8. Idk, it just doesnt have any sense, theres no story and idk where to go

  9. There most definitely is a story in hollow knight, you just gotta play to uncover it

  10. You are allowed to drive a car at 16, own guns and sign up for the military at 18. But alcohol - behold the devils liquid - is only for 21+

  11. I agree, but small correction. Only rifles is 18, handguns is 21 in most situations

  12. 90% of drunk drivers would have had a faster reaction time than that guy

  13. Kill Ornstein, light bonfire, use ascetic, oopsie, Ornstein is back, can't enter boss arena from behind. I assume

  14. Oh is that a dead end? I was thinking you could just proceed forward toward the wharf, but that may be after dragon rider. Been a while since I've played

  15. Yeah, that's after the dragonrider. Cathedral of blue just has the room for blue sentinel pvp

  16. as far as I know? idk if its even used XD

  17. I forgot it was even a spoiler at this point since the games been out years.

  18. It's weird how all they have to do is try to faithfully report the actual historical conditions

  19. Now if only that applied equally. The woman king would have been a hell of a lot different

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